Construction Set up on water main break Snow Rodeo Working on a large valve Pump 

Bureau of Utilities - System Maintenance Division

Location : 8270 Old Montgomery Rd. Map
Hours of Operation : Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30p.m.
Emergencies : Radio dispatched response, 24 hours a day.
Phone : 410-313-4900 - Fax : 410-313-4989

The Bureau of Utilities System Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of Howard County's public water and sewer system that serves the eastern half of the county.
This system consists of approximately :

1,096 miles of water mains.
1,020 miles miles of sewer mains.
10,300 fire hydrants.
Our staff also maintains and monitors :

10 elevated water tanks.
13 water pumping stations.
32 sewer pumping stations.
Our commitment to the development, maintenance and operation of the public water system ensures the high quality of water service and fire protection that our customers demand.

Additional responsibilities of the Maintenance Division include :

Inspection and admin support for new water / sewer connections.
Location of public water / sewer lines.
Several neighborhood shared septic systems.
Sewer backup investigation.
Sewer right of way maintenance.
Water main valve inspection and exercising.
Water quality testing.
Water related customer service.
Water service leak investigation.

In 2016 the Maintenance Division repaired 207 water main breaks. 

  Water Main Breaks

Our crews also repaired over 83 fire hydrants last year, most not as dramatic as the one below.

San Thomas struck hydrant

A Utility worker shuts down a valve to stop the flow of water
from a fire hydrant that was hit by an 18 wheel