Tree Division

Tree removal

The Bureau of Highways- Tree Division works to make County roads safer for the traveling public by:

  • Elevating tree limbs along the County right-of-way
  • Removing tree limbs that have fallen in the road
  • Removing dead trees from the County right-of-way

The Tree Division also aids in erosion prevention by replacing trees, according to the guidelines set by the MD Department of Natural Resources.  They also work to maintain the health of the local tree population by scheduling insecticide treatments, in particular against the Emerald Ash Borer.

Tree related emergencies must be dealt with immediately. If a situation demands urgent attention, such as a fallen tree in the road which impedes traffic, please call the Bureau during regular operating hours, from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Do not send emergency requests by email or via SeeClickFix, as there might be a delayed response. During off hours, please contact the police at 410-313-2200 for help with blocked roadways. For any non-emergency situation, please feel free to call or email the Bureau, and your concern will be addressed.

Contact Information:


Phone: 410-313-7450

Service Request Site:


Central Zone - Dayton
4201 Route 32, Dayton, MD 21036

Why were seemingly healthy ash trees removed?

This is because of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of beetle that attacks and kills ash trees. The County has been working to save ash trees when possible, but trees that are deemed at risk must be removed to slow the spread of the borer.

My street trees were removed by the County.  Why haven't the tree stumps been removed yet?

The Bureau of Highways- Tree Division keeps a list of all tree removals and will return as soon as possible to grind down the remaining tree stumps. Stump removal can take up to a year, depending on the current workload and backlog. The County asks for your patience in this matter. If you believe a tree stump may have been forgotten, please contact Highways at 410-313-7450 or

Who is responsible for handling street tree branches which are starting to encroach on my private property?

Please note, property owners generally have the right to self-remedy if tree roots or branches encroach on or threaten to damage their private property. The County does not generally assist in removing plant material from private property. In addition, the County will not trim branches around privately owned wires and cables. BGEVerizon and Comcast have the right and obligation to maintain their own wire and cables. If a resident is worried about tree branches growing too near utility wires, please contact the appropriate utility company directly.

How do I get a healthy street tree removed?

Street trees are planted in accordance with regulations set by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  Healthy street trees cannot be removed without their permission.  Please see details about Roadside Tree Law at the DNR website for more information, or fill out a Tree Project Permit and return it to the DNR.