Brochures & Outreach

New Residents


Download our New Residents Packet for all information related to curbside collections and Alpha Ridge Landfill. See below for individual downloadble brochures, charts and posters.

Curbside Collections Guide


Howard County Curbside Collections Guide CONDADO DE HOWARD GUÍA DE RECOLECCIÓN RESIDENCIAL Howard County 주택 쓰레기 수거 안내

Alpha Ridge Landfill Guide


Howard County Alpha Ridge Landfill GuideAlpha Ridge Landfill Centro de recolección para residentesAlpha Ridge Landfill 주민 편의 센터


Other Guides


Feed The Green Bin BrochureWork Green Howard BrochureCompost GuideBulk Item and Scrap Metal




Printable Signs 


Detailed Yes No List 2020office kitchen recycling sign 2019Know Before You Throw Sign



recycling pledgerecycle and trash postersuccessful school recycling poster





Take a tour of Alpha Ridge Landfill



Click a video to learn more!



Do you KNOW before you THROW?




Play Our Game
We all have questions about what to do with certain items. 


kbyt gameItems we hear a lot are milk cartons, plastic bags, coffee pods, cooking oil, Styrofoam and take-out containers.

Click and move the items to the correct place in our updated game to see what actually goes in your recycling bin. Learn about the other outlets we have to reduce, reuse and recycle your stuff.

There have been some changes to our curbside program - test your skills! Print your certificate and bring it to our main office (9801 Broken Land Parkway) to receive a FREE indoor recycling collection container (Limit one per household, while supplies last).


COVID-19 Update: While offices remain closed to the public, we are unable to accept certificates or distribute indoor recycling containers at this time.