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Results from our 1st Annual Awards Program

At Howard County’s 11th annual GreenFest on Saturday, April 21, the County’s Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Environmental Services announced the winners of its inaugural “Business Recycling and Waste Reduction” and “Green Community Leadership” awards program.

The Business Recycling and Waste Reduction award recognizes Howard County businesses for their recycling and waste reduction efforts, the winners were:

    • BA Auto Care – BA Auto Care developed a technique to capture the motor oil that typically clings to the side of oil bottles, significantly reducing the amount of oil discarded as trash.
    • DSM Nutritional Products – DSM Nutritional Products employees started an office food scrap collection program. Employees collect roughly 25 pounds of food scraps a week, which is turned into compost.
    • Howard County Conservancy – The Howard County Conservancy developed an initiative to reduce the amount of single-use plastics in its waste stream. At its events, the Conservancy eliminated the use of single-use plastics and now encourages outside organizations using the facility to use of reusable items versus disposable items.
    • Taylor Service Company – This energy efficient company has adopted a variety of strategies to provide recycling and reuse opportunities for its employees and building tenants. Taylor Service Company donates reusable building materials to local nonprofits and allows Howard County’s Fire and Police departments use of its buildings for training purposes.

The Green Community Leadership Award recognizes groups and organizations that demonstrate efforts, projects or programs that help protect Howard County’s natural environment and preserve its resources. This year’s winners of the Green Community Leadership Award were:

    • Emmanuel United Methodist Church – With the help of its “Green Team,” Emmanuel United Methodist Church is constantly thinking about the environmental impact of its programs. The Church provides its members with special recycling opportunities, has eliminated its use of disposable food service ware and has conducted energy audits of its building, as well as facilitates audits for its members. The church is also entirely powered by wind sourced energy.
    • Howard EcoWorks – In 2017, Howard EcoWorks launched its “Ellicott City – Soak It Up” campaign. Geared toward encouraging individual action for stormwater reduction on private property in the Tiber Hudson watershed, the goal of the campaign is to convert 700 acres of turf grass to native landscape to improve stormwater. The program educates the public about sustainability, natural infrastructure and community resiliency.
    • Roger Carter Community Center – The Roger Carter Community Center approaches its LEED Silver certification as a launching point for other environmentally conscious programs. The Center regularly hosts community cleanups, provides a variety of recycling opportunities to the public, maintains a composting program and has conducted internal waste audits to find additional opportunities for improvements.

Award winners received handmade awards crafted by a local sculptor, using recycled metal components, as well as a signed certificate from Kittleman. “Business Recycling and Waste Reduction” award winners will also become certified through the County’s Work Green Howard program.

Are you a certified Work Green Howard business?
You can be!

Each year, the Maryland Department of the Environment requires Howard County to report recycling activities that take place within the county. All local businesses that generate or process recyclables are urged to report their total waste stream to the Howard County Department of Public Works. Businesses who report will be certified as a Work Green Howard business.

The Work Green Howard program makes the reporting process simple by providing a centralized hub for reporting and comprehensive information regarding materials that count toward the county's recycling rate.

Qualifying as a Work Green Howard business is a great opportunity for recognition in the community. To become a certified Work Green Howard business, all you have to do is report your recycling!

Your help is priceless, and takes just a few minutes.

Check out our brochure!

Report Your Recycling = Get Certified!

Howard County is currently targeting a 60% recycling rate by 2020, as required by Maryland law. Reporting is a fundamental step in this process. Help your business get certified, help us achieve our goal and report your recycling today! It's Easy!

For questions or concerns, please contact Kimberly Reichart at (410) 313-6442 or

How One Maryland County is Getting Businesses to Report on Recycling

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