FAQs: Howard County School Resource Officers (SROs)

What is the primary purpose of SROs?

The goal of the SRO program is to build positive relationships with students and staff while providing a safe school environment. SROs serve as mentors, coaches, teachers and volunteers to support students during and after school hours. 

The SROs bridge gaps between youth and law enforcement, creating positive interactions and understanding that transcend the school environment. These officers focus on restorative justice and help at-risk youth change behaviors that might otherwise lead to involvement with the criminal justice system. The SROs also oversee emergency planning and response at each of their respective schools.

How many arrests and referrals are there in the schools?

Arrests and referrals are an absolute last resort in the schools and have been declining in numbers. Most disciplinary action is handled administratively by the schools.

  Suspensions Arrests/Referrals
2016-17 1,342 115 (22 in-custody*, 93 paper referrals)