Policies and Forms

Department policy

As part of our commitment to transparency and open communication with the public, the Howard County Police Department publishes a list of our official policies, known as General Orders, for public view. These policies guide all administrative and operational work for the members of the agency.  While every real-life situation is unique, these policies help guide the actions of our highly-trained officers and civilian employees as they perform their duties.

General Orders are regularly updated, changed, combined and sometimes rescinded to better serve the citizens and the police department in Howard County. By law, there are a few policies that have not been included on this list because their release could jeopardize operations or compromise officer or public safety.

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Administrative orders

ADM-01 Written Directives
ADM-02 Internal Investigations
ADM-03 Definitions and Terminology
ADM-04 Communications Correspondence Confidentiality
ADM-05 Awards and Commendations
ADM-06 Quality Assurance
ADM-07 Secondary Employment
ADM-08 Police Chaplain Program
ADM-09 Asset Seizure and Forfeiture
ADM-10 Hate Bias Incident Management
ADM-11 Departmental Reporting System
ADM-12 Code of Conduct
ADM-13 Uniform and Professional Appearance
ADM-14 Media Relations Public Affairs
ADM-15 Access to Restricted Files
ADM-16 Departmental Deaths and Critical Injuries
ADM-17 Organizational Direction and Structure
ADM-18 Retiree Handgun Purchase
ADM-21 Transfer Policy
ADM-22 Automatic External Defibrillators
ADM-23 Departmental Vehicle Policy
ADM-25 Memorandum of Recognition
ADM-26 Counseling Form
ADM-27 Field Training and Evaluation Program
ADM-28 Recruitment and Fair Employment Practices
ADM-29 Promotion of Sworn Personnel
ADM-32 Selection of Departmental Members
ADM-33 Performance Evaluation
ADM-34 Substance Abuse Policy
ADM-35 Citation Control
ADM-37 Budget and Fiscal
ADM-38 Mobile Data Computer Procedures
ADM-39 Grant Policy
ADM-44 Education and Training
ADM-45 Court Procedures
ADM-46 Administrative Reports
ADM-47 Personnel Utilization
ADM-48 Line Inspections and Equipment Protocols
ADM-50 Duty Status
ADM-51 Physical Fitness and Facilities
ADM-53 Career Enhancement
ADM-55 Youth Services
ADM-58 Accreditation Policy
ADM-59 Publications and Forms Control
ADM-60 Volunteer Program
ADM-61 Leave and Overtime
ADM-63 Selections of Civilian Personnel
ADM-64 HCPD Goals and Objectives

Operational orders

OPS-01 Death Notifications
OPS-02 Use of Naloxone
OPS-04A Adult Arrest Procedures
OPS-04J Juvenile Arrest Procedures
OPS-04T Traffic Arrest Procedures
OPS-05 Noise Ordinance Enforcement
OPS-06 Smoking Ban
OPS-08 Search and Seizure
OPS-10 Foreign Nationals, OPS-10 FAQFAQ Korean, FAQ Spanish
OPS-11 Use of Force
OPS-12 Rape and Sexual Assault Investigations
OPS-14 K-9 Program
OPS-16 Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations
OPS-17 Police Bicycle Patrols
OPS-18 Collision Investigation and Reporting
OPS-19 Limited English Proficiency
OPS-20 NCIC Guidelines
OPS-21 Alcohol and Underage Persons
OPS-22 Domestic Violence
OPS-23 Traffic Enforcement Procedures
OPS-24 Victim Assistance<