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The Historic Preservation Commission meets at 7:00 p.m., generally on the first Thursday of each month at 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

Please visit the Historic Preservation page for the HPC's application forms and to find additional information on the County's historic preservation programs.


HPC Suspension Notification Letter

June 4 HPC Meeting Information

Following the announcement of the closure of the George Howard Building to the public, the Department of Planning and Zoning continues to operate through remote service. Given state and local mandates to cease in-person meetings, the HPC is unable to conduct public in-person hearings. The Commission will conduct their regular June meeting as a virtual meeting on June 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm, where the public is invited to speak on the agenda items. 

The Historic Preservation Commission meeting on June 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm will be a WebEx meeting only. If you would like to testify, you must pre-register so you can be identified during the WebEx meeting.  See “Providing Testimony” below for additional instructions.

Registering for the Meeting:

Join the meeting via computer: If you would like to join the meeting through your computer to view and hear the presentations, you will need to register. Once registered, further instructions and a call-in attendee number will be provided via email. Register Here

Join the meeting via telephone only: If you only want to listen to the meeting and are not providing testimony call 1-650-479-3207 at the meeting time. When prompted, enter 472 298 049 # as the event access code.

Providing testimony:

Oral Testimony - Those who wish to provide oral testimony are requested to sign up online by noon on June 4th, 2020. Please follow the above instructions for registering, where there will be an option to sign-up to testify. After you register through WebEx, please email preservation@howardcountymd.gov by noon on June 4th with the case information that you wish to testify on, so that we can better prepare for the virtual meeting.

Documentary Evidence – Documentary evidence must be submitted by noon on June 4th to preservation@howardcountymd.gov. All documents must be submitted in a pdf format (please contact HPC staff at the above email address for questions/assistance). Anyone submitting evidence must participate in the virtual meeting and present the evidence or it will not be incorporated into the record.


Application Submissions

Regarding application submissions, the following new protocols have been put in place to continue to serve the community:   

All application submissions: Applications are due 22 days prior to the meeting, by 5:00 pm - a final pdf version must be emailed to preservation@howardcountymd.gov, and 10 paper copies must be placed in the bin labeled “DPZ” in the George Howard Building lobby. All paper applications will be quarantined for no less than 24 hours.

Staff is currently working remotely and will review applications as expeditiously as possible to determine whether it is complete or if additional information is needed.  Once it is determined to be complete, you will receive notification and the application will be forwarded to the HPC to be placed on the next possible meeting agenda for which it qualifies. If it is determined to be incomplete, applicants will be notified and provided a list of missing information.  Please note, applications received near the deadline, may not complete initial review in enough time to be placed on the following month’s agenda.

Applicants are encouraged to utilize the checklist in the application form to ensure they have submitted all necessary materials. Failure to provide all necessary materials could result in delay of the application being forwarded to the HPC for review. Although an application may be turned in by the deadline date, if the application is missing necessary details requested in the checklist, it may not be heard at the next upcoming HPC meeting if the additional information is not received in a timely manner.

This website will be updated and applicants will be notified as new information is available, please check back periodically.

Minor Alteration Determinations

The Executive Secretary has determined that the following applications are considered minor alterations and do not require a Certificate of Approval from the Commission. Each application will be posted on this website for 5 days.


If any member of the public, or any member of the Historic Preservation Commission, objects to a determination below, please email the Executive Secretary at preservation@howardcountymd.gov within the 5 days of posting. Any application that is subject to an objection will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting for which legal advertising obligations have been met. More information on the Minor Alteration Process can be found here: Minor Alterations Code



Current Applications for Minor Alterations and Tax Credit Pre-Approval:

There are no applications at this time.


Current Agenda

June 4, 2020 Agenda

Please see the "June 4HPC Meeting Information" at the top of this page for detailed instructions on how to join this virtual meeting.

Board Members

Allan Shad, Chair

Eileen Tennor, Vice-Chair

Drew Roth

Bruno Reich

Erica Zoren

Additional Information

Meeting Schedule and Application Deadlines




Date of Meeting

First Thursday of each month

Deadline for Applications

Wednesday 22 days before meeting

The Commission does not meet in January


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*Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.*

^Application deadline was moved to Thursday after Veterans Day Holiday.

 If you have an emergency, please contact Samantha Holmes at 410-313-2350 or sholmes@howardcountymd.gov.

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