The Design Advisory Panel (DAP) process encourages excellence in project architecture and site design to improve design compatibility with surrounding development, to promote revitalization, and to enhance property values. The DAP meets at 7:00 p.m. generally on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043. 

DAP Review Areas

Use the interactive map to see which properties may be subject to DAP review

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Current Meeting


July 8th Meeting Information

Following the announcement of the closure of the George Howard Building to the public, the Department of Planning and Zoning continues to operate through remote service. Given state and local mandates to cease in-person meetings, the DAP is unable to conduct public in-person hearings. The Panel will conduct their regularly scheduled meeting as a virtual meeting on June 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm, where the public is invited to listen/observe the agenda items. 


Registering for the Meeting:

Join the meeting via computer: If you would like to join the meeting through your computer to view and hear the presentation, you will need to register. Once registered, further instructions and a call-in attendee number will be provided via email. (

Join the meeting via telephone only: If you only want to listen to the meeting call 1-650-479-3207 at the meeting time. When prompted, enter 160 341 8019 # as the event access code.


Providing Comments for consideration:

Written Comments – the process for providing comments for the Panel’s consideration has not changed.  Please follow the process outlined in the ‘Submit Comments to the DAP’ tab below.



Submission Materials

REVISED 20-06 Corridor Square

Submit Comments to the DAP

Thank you for your interest in the Design Advisory Panel process. Meetings are open to the public. Participation by members of the public is limited to submission of comments in writing on design issues in advance of the DAP meeting.

Please use the web comment form to submit comments on design issues related to upcoming agenda items. All web submissions received by 5:00 pm on the day of the DAP meeting will be provided to Design Advisory Panel members and the project applicant.

Panel Members

Fred Marino, Chair

Robert Gorman, Vice Chair

Ethan Marchant

Sujit Mishra

Larry Quarrick

Vivian Stone

Dan Lovette

Additional Information

Meeting Schedule / Application Deadlines / Submittal Checklist

Meetings are held when there are applications to review, generally on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, except in November and December when meetings are usually scheduled for the first and third Wednesday. Unless otherwise noted, meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the George Howard Building, 3430 Court House Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

Application deadlines are noted in the printable calendar. Applicants should refer to the submittal checklist when preparing a submission for the DAP.


Rules of Procedure

Rules of Procedure - updated January 2017

Past Meeting Materials

Materials are posted as soon as practicable and remain available for 12 months following the meeting date. To view the meeting summary click on the meeting date link. To view the applicant presentation click on the project title link.

2020 Meeting Materials

June 10 - Paddock Pointe Signage | Audio

May 27 | Audio

February 26 - Chick-Fil-A on Route 40 | Audio

January 8 - Normandy Shopping Center PAD Site Building, Normandy PAD Site Updated Landscape Plan,  Lyhus Property | Audio

2019 Meeting Materials

October 30 - Columbia Mall Sears/Grocery Store Entrance Improvements | Audio

October 16 - Columbia Mall Refresh and Wayfinding Signange | Audio

August 28 - Laurel Park Parcel D | Audio

July 10 - Taco Bell, Elkridge and Primrose School| Audio

June 26 - Dorsey Overlook | Audio

June 12 - Blue Stream Phase III and Children's Lighthouse Daycare | Audio

May 8 - Wendy's, North Laurel and Dorsey Overlook | Audio

April 24 - Wendy's Elkridge and Laurel Park Station | Audio

March 27Sheraton Lakefront Hotel | Audio

February 27Merriweather District Hotel | Audio

January 9 - Nature's Medicines and Jordan Overlook | Audio 

2018 Meeting Materials

December 5 - Normandy Shopping Center, Tabacco Leaf, and Elkridge Crossing II

November 28 - Jordan Overlook and Columbia Lakefront Neighborhood Design Guidelines

October 24 - Downtown Columbia Lakefront Neighborhood Square

October 10 - Riverwatch II

September 26 - Elkridge Crossing II on Washington Blvd.

July 25 - Lakeview Retail along Broken Land Parkway

June 27 - Dorsey Overlook at Route 108, east of Columbia Road

June 13 - Hines Property Age Restricted Development at 10752 Scaggsville Road

May 9 - Cube Smart Storage at 6300 Washington Blvd., Elkridge

April 11 - Chatham Gas Station, Dorsey Overlook, and Blue Stream Phase 3

February 14 - Oxford Square Parcel W and Long Reach Village Center Redevelopment

January 24 - Wilson Village Age Restricted Housing and Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley

January 10 - Oxford Square Parcel V: The Yards

2017 Meeting Materials 

December 13 - Long Reach Village Center and River Hill Square

December 6 -  Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley 

November 15 - Taco Bell at 8620 Washington Blvd. 

November 1 - Waterloo Fire Station at 7645 Port Capital Drive and Roberts Property on Washington Blvd.

October 11 - Blue Stream Towns 3

September 27- Eden Brook, 8580 Guilford Road and Brightview Senior Living, 6680 Martin Road

Applicable Materials and Guidelines

Route 1 Manual

Route 40 Design Manual

Downtown Wide Design Guidelines

Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines

Staff Contact | 410-313-2350