Agricultural Land Preservation Program

Application for Easement Sale

Soil and Water Quality Plan Status
Letter of Intent: Future Release of Child Lots
Tenant House Application

Please contact Joy Levy at (410) 313-5407 with any questions regarding the Agricultural Land Preservation Program. Please visit the webpage for additional information.


Demolition Clearance from Historic Preservation

Please contact Ken Short at or 410-313-4335 with any questions regarding demolitions.

Ellicott City Facade Improvement Program

Ellicott City Facade Improvement Program Information and Applications

Facade Improvement Claim - Please fill this form out to process your reimbursement. 


Environmental Concept Plan Checklist 

Industrial Waste Survey
Pathway Project SDP 
Preliminary Plan  (Rev. Dec, 2017)
Preliminary Equivalent Sketch Plan - (Rev. 2017)
Site Development Plan - Commercial - (Rev. 2017)
Site Development Plan - Residential - (Rev. 2017)
Sketch Plan - (Rev. 2017)
Waiver Alternative Compliance


General Notes:

Sketch Plan (2014)
Preliminary Plan (2014)
Final Plan (2014)
Final Plat(2014)
Non-Residential Site Development Plan (2014)
Residential Site Development Plan (2014)
Water and Sewer General Notes (2014)
Stormwater Management Structure Codes August, 2007 (2014)


Water & Sewer:

Information Sheet for Water and/or Sewer 
Preliminary Water and Sewer Checklist 
Final Water and Sewer Checklist 


Typical Operation & Maintenance Schedules for Environmental Site Design:

A-1 Green Roof
A-2 Permeable Pavements
F-1, F-4, F-5 Surface Filtration Systems
F-2, F-3 Underground Filtration Systems
2 Private Infiltration Basin
M-1 Rainwater Harvesting
M-2 Submerged Gravel Wetlands
M-3, M-6, M-7, M-8, M-9 Bioretention
M-4 Infiltration Berms
M-5 Dry Wells
N-1, N-2 Disconnection Practices
P-1 - P-5 HOA Owned and Jointly Maintained Ponds
P-1 - P-5 Private Ponds
Stormceptor Procedures
Fee In Lieu of Stormwater Management Application Process 
Fee In Lieu of Road Improvements
Red-Line Revision Process
1990 & 1994 MdOP Land Use Land Cover


Design Manuals:

Volume 1 - Storm Drainage
Volume 2 - Water and Sewer
Volume 3 - Roads and Bridges
Volume 4 (1 of 3) - General Conditions
Volume 4 (2 of 3) - Specifications
Volume 4 (3 of 3) - Details


Declaration of Intent - Agricultural (New 2011)
Declaration of Intent - Forestry
Declaration of Intent - Intra Family Transfer
Declaration of Intent - Real Estate
Declaration of Intent - Single Residential Lot Exemption Less than 20,000 sq. ft.
Fee-In-Lieu Request
Forest Conservation Application

Historic Preservation Commission

Historic Preservation Commission Applications

Advisory Comments (for advisory comments prior to submittal for subdivision or site development plans or for pre-application advice if located in a historic district)

Certificate of Approval and Tax Credit Pre-Approval - this application includes the Certificate of Approval and Historic Tax Credit application as one application.Please only use if you are located in the Ellicott City or Lawyers Hill Historic Districts. s)

New Construction (application for approval of new prinicpal dwellings or new outbuildings)

Sign Application (for sign installation for properties in the Ellicott City or Lawyers Hill Historic Districts)

Historic Property Tax Credits (Properties that only listed the Historic Sites Inventory must fill out the Historic Sites Inventory Supplemental Sheet)

Historic District Supplemental Tax Sheet (for properties in the the Ellicott City or Lawyers Hill Historic Districts, If you are making any alterations that require approval, please fill out the above Certificate of Approval application and do not use this form)

Historic Sites Inventory Supplemental Tax Sheet (only for properties listed on the Historic Sites Inventory and not located in a local historic district)

Historic Tax Credit 25% Claim (this application must be submitted to process the final tax credit - applications approved September 2013 or later were approved at the 25% tax credit rate)

Historic Tax Credit 10% Claim (this application must be submitted to process the final tax credit - applications prior to September 2013 were approved at the 10% tax credit rate)

Assessment Tax Credit Claim  - this application must be submitted to process the 20.113 assessment tax credit. 

Land Development

Alternative Compliance Petition
Final Plan (Rev. 2017)
Final Development Plan Map (Rev. 2014)
Final Development Plan Criteria (Rev. 2014)
Final Development Plan Downtown Columbia Application (Rev. 2014)
Final Plan REDLINE MYLAR SUBMISSION Application (Rev. 2017)
Final Plat Application For Originals Only Processing (Rev. 2017)
Forest Conservation Plat (Rev. 2017)
Minor Residential Structures and Additions in the New Town District for Concept or Amended Site Development Plan (Rev. 2014)
Planning Board Public Hearing Application (Rev. 2014)
Preliminary Equivalent Sketch Plan Application (Rev. 2017)
Preliminary Plan Application (Rev. 2017)
Receiving (RE) Plat (Rev. 2017)
Route 1 Manual Alternative Compliance Application
Route 40 Manual Alternative Compliance Application
Sketch Plan Application (Rev. 2017)
Site Development Plan (Rev. 2017)
Site Development Plan REDLINE MYLAR SUBMISSION (Rev. 2017)
SRC Special Subject Form (Rev. 2014)
Street Renaming Application (Rev. 2014)

Electronic Plan Submission

Plan Forms

Environmental Concept Plan Application
Sketch Plan Application
Preliminary Equivalent Sketch Plan Application
Preliminary Plan Application
Final Plan Application
Preliminary Water and Sewer Plan Application
Site Development Plan Application

Presubmission Community Meeting Forms

Presubmission Community Meeting for Infill Development
Presubmission Community Meeting for Conditional Uses and Zoning Map Amendments


Zoning Administration

Administrative Adjustment to the Bulk Regulations(Rev 2018)
Administrative Adjustment to District Map Line for Drafting Errors(Rev 2018)
Accessory Apartment Permit Application (Rev 2018)
Buildable Lot Determination Request (Rev 2016)
Conditional Use Application (Rev 2017)
Christmas Tree Sales (Rev 2018)
Home Based Contractor Permit Application (Rev 2015)
Home Occupation Application (Rev 2016)
Farm Brewery Application (Rev 2013)
Farm Winery 1A Application (Rev 2013)
Flower and Plant Sales (Rev 2013)
Non-Conforming Use Petition (Rev 2013)
Permit for Special Farm Uses (Rev 2014)
Permitted Use Letter Application (Rev 2018)
Request to Construct New Dwelling Prior to the Removal of the Existing Dwelling (Rev 2012)
Snowball Stand Application - NON Residential (Rev 2014)
Snowball Stand Application - Residential (Rev 2014)

Shipping Containers (2018)
Temporary Use Petition (Rev 2013)
Zoning Complaint Form (Rev 2014)
Zoning Verification Letter Application (Rev 2018)






Zoning Board

Petition to Amend the Zoning Map of Howard County (Rev 2014)
Petition to Amend the Zoning Regulations of Howard County (Rev 2014)
Petition of Approval for a Preliminary Development Plan in a MXD District (Rev 2014)
Petition of Approval for an Amended Preliminary Development Plan (Rev 2012)












Hearing Authority

Hearing Examiner Appeal Petition (Rev 2014)
Administrative Appeal Petition (Rev 2014)
Petition to Modify Conditions of Approval (Rev 2012)
Non-Residential Variance Petition (Rev 2012)
Residential District Variance Petition (Rev 2012)
Sign Variance Petition (Rev 2012)
Conditional Use Petition (Rev 2013)
Non-conforming Use Confirmation Petition (Rev 2012)





Location and Hours

Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning
3430 Court House Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Office Hours
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