Energy Conservation Code Information

Attached are the online submittal forms and instructions for submittal of the Energy Code Certification for your building permit. As the memo explains the preferred method is to submit the certification as an attachment to your building permit through the County's online Citizen Access Program commonly referred to as ACA. Before you submit your certification you will need to complete the online registration process. A copy of the registration form is included with this memo. Please contact the Licenses and Permits Division at 410-313-2455 to arrange an appointment to complete the registration process. Attached is the memo from the Director explaining the certification requirements. Click here for the

Energy Conservaton Code Online Submittal Forms and Procedures.


Additional Information


2012 IECC Residential Energy Flow Chart

2012 IECC Residential Energy Requirements

2012 Residential Energy Checklist

Builders Procedure for HVAC Final Inspection Effective May 1, 2020

Howard County has adopted the 2018 Energy Conservation Code which will be posted at a later date.