Adult Evaluation & Review Sevices (AERS)

The primary goal of the AERS program is to help county residents to remain safe at home (or in the 'least restrictive environment' suited to their needs) by connecting them with services and supports that can foster their independence and personal well-being. This often means that individuals can live at home longer without having to consider moving to a nursing home or other facility placement.

senior female patient with healthcare giver

The AERS staff, a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, accomplishes this by an on-site visit (home, hospital, nursing home, etc.) and completion of a thorough assessment of that person's overall situation. AERS uses a comprehensive assessment tool for the evaluation-- questions are asked about overall health history and diagnoses, current medical concerns, mental health issues or behaviors, social or family supports, environmental concerns, and general financial or legal issues. All of these factors are considered in order to develop an individual Plan of Care with recommendations made to connect the person with appropriate resources and supports. 

Although this resource information is shared, the individual is not required or obligated to accept or pursue any of the recommendations or resources. There is no charge for an AERS evaluation.

If you would like to have an AERS Team Member visit you for an evaluation, or if you'd like to make a referral for someone you know, please contact:
Maryland Access Point of Howard County (MAP) at:
410-313-1234 (voice/relay)
1-844-627-6465 (844-MAP-LINK)

For more information about AERS call 410-313-6437 or questions may be directed to