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Understanding HoCo Hazards

Preparedness begins with understanding your local hazards. A hazard is any potential source of harm or difficulty and may be natural or manmade. High-risk hazards have a high likelihood of local occurrence and may result in serious consequences to life safety, property, critical infrastructure, the environment, and the economy.

Risk = Likelihood + Consequence

For detailed information on hazard risk in Howard County please see the following resource or visit our Hazard Information Page:

  • Community Hazard Handbook – An overview of local hazards and hazard risk designed for families and businesses in Howard County.
ReadyHoCo Business Preparedness Packet

Disaster Recovery Kit

The Disaster Recovery Kit provides a checklist of the necessary items needed to initiate business recovery following a disaster. 

Emergency Plan Toolkit

This document provides an overview of how to complete the Emergency Plan Toolkit. 

ReadyHoCo Individual Preparedness Packet

Personal Preparedness Overview

Learn the four steps that you can take to choose preparedness for you and your family!

Disaster Recovery Kit

The Disaster Recovery Kit provides a checklist of the documents, and items that you may need to help facilitate your recovery from a disaster. 

My Personal Preparedness Plan

This document will assist you in developing your personal/family emergency plan. 

General Preparedness Websites

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Business Preparedness Websites
  • The Small Business Administration has resources on how to protect your employees, lessen the financial impact of disasters, and re-open your business quickly to support economic activity in your community. 
  • FEMA's website Ready Business will assist businesses in developing a preparedness program by providing tools to create a plan that addresses the impact of common hazards. 
Transportation Websites

Maryland Department of Transportation CHART - The CHART program is Maryland's entry into the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) arena. Provides real-time traffic maps, and traffic cameras.

Weather Websites
Health Preparedness Websites