Hazards in Howard County

Understanding Hazards in Howard County

Preparedness begins with understanding your local hazards. A hazard is any potential source of harm or difficulty and may be natural or manmade. High-risk hazards have a high likelihood of local occurrence and may result in serious consequences to life safety, property, critical infrastructure, the environment, and the economy.

Risk = Likelihood + Consequence

Hazard Resources

For detailed information on hazard risk in Howard County, the following resources will be publicly available soon:

  • Community Hazard Handbook – An overview of local hazards and hazard risk designed for families and businesses in Howard County.
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) – An in-depth resource for understanding hazards and hazard risk in Howard County.

Hazards in Howard County

Howard County's risk assessment includes 26 distinct hazard types:

Prepare Yourself

Understanding your hazard risk is only the first step toward building a resilient community. Learn more about how you can protect your home or business from the consequences of a disaster at the following locations:

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