Hazards in Howard County

Understanding Hazards in Howard County

Preparedness begins with understanding your local hazards. A hazard is any potential source of harm or difficulty and may be natural or manmade. High-risk hazards have a high likelihood of local occurrence and may result in serious consequences to life safety, property, critical infrastructure, the environment, and the economy.

Risk = Likelihood + Consequence

Hazard Resources

For detailed information on hazard risk in Howard County, the following resources provide detailed information on hazard risk in Howard County:

  • Community Hazard Handbook – An overview of local hazards and hazard risk designed for families and businesses in Howard County.  Please note, the Community Hazard Handbook was updated in 2021.

Hazards in Howard County

Howard County's risk assessment includes 23 distinct hazard types. 

  Natural Hazards   Manmade Hazards
 Drought  Active Assailant
 Earthquake  Biological Hazard
 Flood  Chemical Hazard