Current Awards





Construction Inspection, Engineering & Administrative Services, On-Call

KCI Technologies, Inc.

Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP $1,880,000.00
Whitman, Requardt & Associates, LLP $1,880,000.00
A Morton Thomas & Associates, Inc. $1,880,000.00
Development Facilitators, Inc. $1,880,000.00


CMAR for LPWRP, Bio-solids Processing Improvements, 8th Addition Pre-Construction

Clark Construction Group, LLC

IFB-2016-01 Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling (H-2017) Cancelled
IFB-2016-02 Ballfield Laser Grading & Lip Removal Cancelled
IFB-2016-04 Bulk Rock Salt for De-Icing Road Surfaces, Furnish & Deliver Cancelled
IFB-2016-05 Traffic Signal Construction & Modification Cancelled
IFB-2016-06 Yard Trim Acceptance, Processing, & Marketing Services Harvest RGI, LLC $303,750.00
IFB-2016-07 Belmont Manor House Fire Alarm Replacement ARK Systems, Inc. $52,397.00
IFB-2016-08 Services Contract for Wood Waste Shredding, Emergency RLO Contractors, Inc. $169,060.00
IFB-2016-09 HVAC Filter Supply Cosmos Air Purification & Environmental Systems, Inc. $21,541.82
IFB-2016-10 Kerger Road Pumping Station Improvements (S-6282) PSI Pumping Solutions, Inc. $1,063,730.16
IFB-2016-11 Calcium Nitrate Thatcher Co. of New York, Inc. $94,000.00
IFB-2016-13 Sandblasting Equipment & Accessories C J Spray, Inc. $52,490.00
IFB-2016-14 Ammunition The Gun Shop $53,038.50
IFB-2016-15 Traffic Signal Construction & Modifications (Re-Bid) Baldwin Line Construction of MD $300,000.00
Scott A Duncan Inc. $300,000.00
IFB-2016-16 Lawn & Garden Paper Bags Dano Enterprises, Inc. $250,000.00
IFB-2016-17 Ballfield Laser Grading & Lip Removal (Re-Bid) Aqua-Turf Irrigation, LLC $86,060.00
IFB-2016-18 Sewer System Inspection, Cleaning & Rehabilitation Heitkamp, Inc. $696,775.00
Video Pipe Services, inc. $797,450.00
IFB-2016-19 Sports Uniforms & Apparel Cancelled
IFB-2016-20 Traffic Control Devices, Stop Sticks Stop Stick, Ltd. $32,249.10
IFB-2016-24 US Rte 29 Transmission Water Main South Entrance Road to Little Patuxent Pkwy Marona Construction Company $8,321,570.00
IFB-2016-27 Hot-In-Place Asphalt Recycling (Re-Bid) Gallegher Asphalt Corporation $2,855,646.61
IFB-2016-31 Roadway Utility Patching M.T. Laney Company, Inc. $350,000.00
IFB-2016-34 South County Rainwater Harvesting & Wash Pad Project Apex Companies, LLC $1,433,025.00
IFB-2016-44 Roll-Off Container Hauling for Recyclables & Waste Transfer Goode Companies, Inc. $46,190.00
IFB-2016-46 Disposable Paper & Plastic Products FPC Holdings, Inc. $41,604.11
IFB-2016-47 Plant Material for Forest Mitigation Cancelled
IFB-2016-48 Sports Uniforms & Apparel (Re-Bid) Nightmare Graphics, Inc. $225,000.00
IFB-2016-49 Compact Utility Tractors & Equipment J. David Mullinix & Sons, Inc. $49,273.80
IFB-2016-51 Recreational Program Bus Services, Motor Coach Eyre Bus Services $149,590.65
IFB-2016-52 Event Tent, New Leroy Dixon Enterprises, Inc. dba Party Plus Tents & Events $70,726.80
IFB-2016-59 Ultra Violet Lamps Xylem Water Solutions U.S.A., Inc. $53,581.50
IFB-2016-62 Plant Material for Forest Mitigation (Re-Bid) Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. $235,409.00