Vision: Normalize and elevate OHRE’s role in community engagement with an equity focus.

Mission: Increase the presence of the Office of Human Rights and Equity within the community; Create more opportunities for the community to inform county government of best practices.

Purpose: Provide opportunities, experiences, events, and/or workshops for the citizens of Howard County to affirm the inherent value and worth of all people.

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** All training happens on a consistent bases to ensure accessibility and can be specifically requested based on communal needs. If you would like to request a training for a specific cohort, community group, or organization please send your request  to OHRoutreach@howardcountymd.gov **

** The outreach team has developed a virtual and in-person model for all training to accommodate social distancing needs**     

Bystander Intervention & Cultural Awareness Training

3 hour commitment  
The Howard County O