Inmate Communication
Inmates are encouraged to maintain ties with family and friends.  During the initial phase of processing into the facility, the inmate is given the opportunity to make telephone calls to family/friends, bondsman and/or attorney.  Inmates may use the U.S. Postal Service in order to send and receive correspondence.

The institution shall accept photographs copied onto regular plain paper, maximum six (6) through the mail.  Only black and white photos are accepted.  Photographs may not contain prurient or obscene contents.  No books, magazines, or newspapers, will be accepted through the mail (only correspondence).  Telephones are available to the inmates throughout most of the day and evening hours.  The inmate telephone system uses either inmate pre-paid calling cards or allows family/friends to accept collect calls.  Please ask for a brochure about the phone system.
Note:  The public cannot call into the facility to speak to or leave messages for an inmate.