Policy and Procedures

A-000 Mission Statement

A-002 Budget Process

A-005 Staff Uniforms

A-007 Employee Standards of Conduct

A-020 Victim-Witness Notification

A-022 Citizen Request for Phone Block

A-027 Dress and Grooming Standards for Non-Uniformed Employees and Approved Visitors

A-031 Registration of Sex Offenders

A-033 Protection from Sexual Crimes and Harassment

A-036 Collection of DNA - Convicted and Sentenced Inmates

C-205 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detainees

D-300 Classification

D-306 Inmate - Detainee Administrative Segregation & Medical Housing

F-500 Laundry Services

F-501 Housekeeping-Inspection-Sanitation

F-503 Toxic, Caustic and Flammable Materials

F-504 Issue and Control of Inmate-Detainee Clothing, Linen and Personal Hygiene

G-600 General Food Procedures and Schedules

G-601 Menu Planning and Meal Services

G-602 Food Safety and Sanitation

G-603 Inventory, Ordering, Receiving Food Supplies

H-700 Indigent Inmates-Detainees

H-703 Inmate - Detainee Mail

H-704 Allowable Inmate-Detainee Property

H-705 Inmate-Detainee Access to Courts

H-706 Inmate-Detainee Recreation

H-707 Inmate-Detainee Grievance Procedure

H-708 Inmate-Detainee Visiting

H-709 Inmate-Detainee Access to Telephone

H-710 Inmate-Detainee Orientation and Handbook

H-712 Inmate-Detainee Barber Services

H-713 Inmate-Detainee Disciplinary Procedures

H-716 Housing of Juveniles

H-720 Commissary Services

H-723 Weeender Inmates

H-730 Placement on Work Release

H-735 Special Management Unit

I-814 Inmate Medical Fee

J-900 Religious Services

J-901 Resourse Center

J-902 Volunteers, Outside Agency and Contractual Staff

K-100 Mission and Organization

K-103 Detainee Property

K-111 Court Ordered Identification Services

K-112 Collection of DNA

L-200 Reentry Program

L-201 Reentry Housing Program