Nite Bite Fishing

All ages

Dates Below / $5*

Centennial Park South

Boat Ramp/Launch

(* $5 fee for each date is for after-hours access to the park to fish only.  To enter the Nite Bite TOURNAMENT and have your fish weighed and measured, you must register for the Tournament Series and pay the $100 fee for the season - more information below)


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General Information

The 2018 Nite Bite Fishing season begins April 7!
Registration opens in late February - click the RP numbers below to sign up online!

Ever wanted to fish Centennial Lake at NIGHT?  Now’s your chance!  Join Howard County Recreation and Parks for a unique opportunity to fish the lake after hours.  Bring your own fishing pole, bait, tackle, bug repellant, flashlight or lantern, chair or boat.  Advanced registration is encouraged and on-site registration will be available.  Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult - see additional regulations below.  Please contact Dawn Thomas at 410-313-1754 for additional information and rules.  Call 410-313-7275 to register or click the RP numbers under "Dates" to sign up online for individual dates.

Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Spectators welcome, but please note - all park patrons must pay the $5 to be in the park after hours during the event (exceptions may be made for non-fishing parents/guardians).


2018 Nite Bite Fishing Dates:

Call 410-313-7275 to register or click the RP numbers to sign up online!  Registering by date does NOT enter you in the Nite Bite Fishing Tournament - see the "Nite Bite Fishing Tournament Series" tab for more information (anglers age 14 & up).

RP9154.101       Apr 7        6-11pm      Sa

RP9154.102       Apr 27     6-11pm      F

RP9154.103       May 25    6-11pm      F

RP9154.104       Jun 30     6pm-Midnight     Sa

RP9154.105       Jul 7        6pm-Midnight      Sa

RP9154.106       Aug 10    6pm-Midnight      F

RP9154.107       Sep 14    6-11pm      F

RP9154.108       Oct 13     6-11pm      Sa


Regulations for Nite Bite Fishing: 
1.  Bring your own fishing pole, bait, tackle, bug repellent, flashlight or lantern, chair or boat.
2.  All anglers must be checked in and/or registered by 8pm on the night of the event.  ALL participants (including spectators) must be checked in and pay the $5 fee to remain in the park after hours (exceptions may be made for non-fishing parents/guardians).
3.  All anglers must follow all Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) rules & regulations. More Information:
4.  Boaters are subject to all Maryland DNR boating regulations for Centennial Lake.  ELECTRIC MOTORS ONLY!!  Please make sure you have the proper lights in use: a stern light, red port light and green starboard light.
5.  All boats must be back to the boat launch by 11pm and all vehicles must be out of the park by 11:30pm (12am/12:30am for June/July/August dates).
6.  Only registered Nite Bite Tournament anglers will be allowed to enter fish for weighing and cash prize.
7.  Only live fish may be weighed and registered for prize. Fish must be in a bucket.
8.  The largest fish caught during the Nite Bite Tournament Series as determined by the Tournament Official will be declared the winning catch on the basis of weight.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by length (inches).
9.  Coolers and live wells of tournament participants will be inspected to make sure fish are not being brought in prior to the tournament. Violators will be disqualified.

All anglers 16 yrs or older must have a valid fishing license for all fishing programs and events.  Click here to purchase a license online!  

Nite Bite Tournament Series

Nite Bite Fishing Tournament Series

14 yrs+  / All Nite Bite dates  / $100 
Join the Nite Bite Tournament Series for your chance at catching the Nite Bite Beast!  $100 one-time fee allows anglers ages 14 yrs+ to fish at any or ALL of the 2018 Nite Bite Fishing dates. Prize money for largest catch awarded at series conclusion in October.   Register at any time during the Nite Bite year for your chance to win!  Call 410-313-7275 to register or click the RP number below to sign up for the tournament online!
RP9154.150     Centennial Park South Boat Launch/Ramp

 Current Nite Bite Tournament Series Leader 

Thanks for a great 2017 Nite Bite Tournament Series!

One entry was weighed in at the final 2017 Nite Bite Fishing by the current leader.

Congratulations to James Meyer, the 2017 Nite Bite Fishing Tournament Series winner with his 5 lb bass weighed in on Oct 14!

Nite Bite Tournament Series Leaderboard:

James Meyer
Bass, 5.05 lbs, 21” on 10/14 
James Meyer Bass, 3.67 lbs, 19” on 4/28 
Marvin Lee  Bass, 3.48 lbs, 19⅞” on 9/15
Marvin Lee  Bass, 2.83 lbs, 18¼” on 5/26
Garth Kelman  Bass, 1.73 lbs, 16” on 4/28
Jantzen Pacheco     Bass, 1.47 lbs, 15” on 4/01
Jantzen Pacheco     Bass, 0.86 lbs, 12¼” on 4/01


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