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Directory of the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

Community Outreach Email                                                   Phone                    
CPR/AED [email protected]  
Bleeding Control [email protected]  
Fire and Fall Prevention [email protected] 410-313-2016
Crowd Management Courses [email protected] 410-313-6040
1st Alarm Fire Camp [email protected]  
Open Burn Information   410-313-6040
Narcan Training [email protected] 410-313-6202
Adopt-A-Hydrant [email protected]  
Vehicle Donations [email protected]  
Santa Stops Contact your local Volunteer Station  
Car Seat Installations [email protected]  
Fire Safety House [email protected]  
Fire Drills/Fire Escape Plans [email protected]  
Volunteer Recruitment Email Phone
Station 1 Elkridge Volunteer Fire Department [email protected] 410-313-4901
Station 2 Ellicott City Volunteer Firemen's Association [email protected] 410-313-2602
Station 3 West Friendship Volunteer Firemen's Association [email protected] 410-313-5403
Station 4 Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company [email protected] 410-489-4646
Station 5 Fifth District Volunteer Fire Department   410-313-7305
Station 6 Savage Volunteer Fire Company [email protected] 410-313-6284
Station 8 Ellicott City Volunteer Firemen's Association [email protected] 410-313-2608
Howard County Volunteer Firefighters Association [email protected] 410-313-5403
Fire Station Tours Email Phone
Station 1   410-313-4901
Station 2   410-313-2602
Station 3   410-313-5403
Station 4   410-313-5404
Station 5   410-313-7305
Station 6   410-313-4426
Station 7   410-313-7307
Station 8   410-313-2608
Station 9   410-313-7309
Station 10   410-313-7310
Station 11   410-313-3791
Station 12   410-313-7312
Station 13   410-313-0513
Station 14   410-313-3414
Donations Email Phone
General Donations [email protected]  
Medical Equipment (Beds, Wheelchairs, etc.) [email protected] 410-313-0363
Recruitment Email Phone
Recruitment   410-313-4473
AEDs Email Phone
School AEDs [email protected] 410-313-1361
EMS Operations and Billing Email Phone
Ambulance Bill and Payment Questions [email protected] 855-492-9745
PatientBillingAdvocate [email protected] 410-313-5962
Missing Belongings after EMS Transport [email protected] 410-313-0574
Feedback [email protected]  
Ambulance Reports    
Fire Marshals Email Phone
Critical Life Safety Issue (Blocked exit, overcrowding condition, etc.)   410-313-2200
Inspections Email Phone
Adoption [email protected] 410-313-6040
Billing [email protected] 410-313-5928
Business/Mercantile [email protected] 410-313-6040
Cold Weather Shelters [email protected] 410-313-5928
Daycares [email protected] 410-313-6056
HazMat/SARA Title III [email protected] 410-313-6097
Mobile Food Truck Vendors [email protected] 410-313-6024
Healthcare   410-313-6332
Mobile Homes   410-313-6045
Private Schools [email protected] 410-313-5928
Public Schools [email protected] 410-313-5928
Liquor Board [email protected] 410-313-2447
Summer Camps [email protected] 410-313-5928
OFM Other Email Phone
Buildings Posted as Unsafe/Uninhabitable   410-313-5455
Assisted Living Classes   410-313-2447
Evacuations & Fire Drill Evaluation/Assistance [email protected] 410-313-6520
Fire Lanes [email protected] 410-313-5928
Fireworks [email protected] 410-313-6014
ISO Ratings for Insurance [email protected] 410-313-0582
Water Supply locations for Insurance [email protected] 410-313-0582
Fire Investigation Reports [email protected] 410-313-5937
Juvenile Fire Setter Program   410-313-6045
Knox Box [email protected] 410-313-5928
Occupancy Postings [email protected] 410-313-2447
Overcrowding complaints   410-313-2944
Residential Smoke Alarm Requests [email protected] 410-313-6520
Tall Grass Complaints [email protected] 410-313-6019
Incident Report Requests    
OFM Complaints [email protected] 410-313-6042

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