Fire Prevention and Fall Prevention


Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) presents the “Fire and Fall Prevention” program; a fire and fall safety seminar for senior members of our community. This program is nationally accredited and created by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Did you know?

At age 65, older adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured in fires compared to the population at large. By age 75, that risk increases to three times that of the general population – and to four times by the age 85. (National Fire Protection Association, 2017)

In Howard County, falls are the leading cause of injury and death to this age group.

What can we do about it?

It is the purpose of the HCDFRS to educate, protect, and serve our residents. We’ve found that a significant amount of our community is a part of the aging population (65 and older) and that this population is expected to grow three times in the next 5 years. HCDFRS has implemented the “Remembering When” program to bring fire and fall safety education to these residents to reduce the risk of harm due to a fire or fall. The program consists of three parts:

The Presentation:
he NFPA has developed 16 key fire and fall safety messages which comprise the core of the “Remembering When” presentation. Community members who attend these presentations are encouraged to discuss and share their personal experiences with aging, fire, and falls.

HCDFRS has scheduled several “Fire and Fall Prevention” presentations at local 50+ centers, faith based locations, and community buildings. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your community, please contact us at: 410-313-2016 or email us using the button below.

Optional Home Visit:
Community members may schedule a home visit at a presentation or by phone. A home visit is done by both a Risk Reduction Educator and Firefighter within the department. When a community member who is 65 years of age or older requests a home visit, the team will take a small tour of the house and discuss fire or fall risks that may be present in the home. We do not enforce any changes, but we may make suggestions for a safer environment. If you are interested in scheduling a home visit, please contact us at: 410-313-2016 or email us using the button below.

Smoke Alarm Installation:
As a part of this program, HCDFRS offers free smoke alarm installations to those in our aging community who are in need. If you are interested in scheduling a smoke alarm installation and meet the age requirement (over 65), please contact us at: 410-313-2016 or email us using the button below.

HCDFRS is excited to provide “Fire and Fall Prevention” to its community as a part of our mission to educate, protect, and serve. If you are a member of a 50+ center in our community, below is a list of upcoming presentations: 

Presentations Coming Soon

To sign up for a spot, please complete and submit the form below, call 410-313-2016 or email us using the button below.

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