Howard County Executive Ball's 2023 Listening Sessions were held in-person from January 9th through February 1st. There were a total of eight sessions that took place at community hubs throughout the county.

Listening Session Locations

All the listening sessions were livestreamed on the County Executive’s Facebook page and the recordings can be found below.

January 9th at the Bain 50+Center

January 12th at the North Laurel Community Center

January 13th at the Elkridge Branch Library

January 19th at River Hill High School

January 25th at the Ellicott City 50+ Center

January 27th at the Gary J. Arthur Community Center

January 30th at the Harriet Tubman Cultural Center

February 1st at Long Reach High School

In addition to residents making their voices heard at the listening sessions, the office also received over 200 emails to [email protected].

Listening Session Feedback

The emails and verbal feedback were compiled and evaluated by the County Executive's team. From there, it was organized based on topic.

Listening Sessions graphic

After assessing the themes and specific feedback, the following were identified as community priorities.

Top Five Priorities

The Ball Administration is moving forward to meet the top five priorities heard. Below are some recent initiatives that work to meet these goals. The best ways to stay up to date on what the administration is working on are by subscribing to the Ball Bulletin and following the County Executive’s social media pages (Facebook Twitter Instagram).

Priority 1: Providing young people with adequate resources

Priority 2: Greater access to recreational activities and facilities

Priority 3: Additional services for the aging population

Priority 4: Continuing to expand green initiatives to protect our environment

Priority 5: Increasing engagement with residents across the country


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