Technology and Communication Services

The Department of Technology and Communication Services (DTCS) is responsible for supporting the County's many different jobs and functions necessary to run the government. This is done by offering an array of services in order to help the departments meet their technology needs and objectives on a regular basis.


Office of Cable Administration

The Office of Cable Administration enforces FCC rules and guidelines for the Local Franchising Authority, the Howard County Government. To learn more about this office, please visit the Cable Administration page. To report issues concerning cable services in Howard County, please fill out the Cable Issues and Complaints Form.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Division monitors the security posture of the County network.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Division supports the creation, standardization, storage, and dissemination of geographical data for all County departments. View Interactive County Map.

Network Infrastructure

The Network Infrastructure Division provides network support services to include wired and wireless network connectivity for voice and data services.

Project Management

Project Management monitors and controls Information Technology (IT) Projects implemented by the County.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Division plays a major role in the support of Public Safety Systems, including the 911 system and multiple Homeland Security initiatives.

Radio and Telephone Services

The Radio and Telephone Services Division is responsible for providing and supporting radio maintenance, telephone installation and maintenance, cabling services for voice and data communications, and wireless service for both voice and data including pagers, cell phones, and 800 MHz radios.


Records Management

Records Management is responsible for providing records and information services to all Howard County offices. This includes storage and destruction of records based on approved retention policies. The division is also the liaison between Howard County, the Department of General Services-Records Management Division and the Maryland State Archives (MSA).


The SAP Team is focused on the implementation of new functionalities, business process improvement and Enterprise reporting.

Server Team

The Server Team provides hardware and software support to the employees of the County including email, database administration, backup and restore services, remote access services, and verifies permissions to safeguard access to all County resources.

Service Desk

The Service Desk provides technical support for County employees and those authorized to use the County's computer resources. Support includes workstation maintenance, software updates and installs, and guidance for how to use the technology needed to support the County.

Systems Development

Systems Development is responsible for the development and maintenance of all software applications required to support the County's operations. This includes Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and custom applications.