Frequently Asked Questions

Street Sweeping

Why are the roads swept?

Sweeping helps remove road dirt and contaminants before they reach local waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

Will a sweeper be sweeping my street?

All curbs on the County road network are swept four times each year. Roads without curbs are not usually swept because the sweeper is less effective on roads without curbs.

Will I receive notification of when the sweepers are coming to my street?

Howard County is divided into 29 sweeping areas with each area requiring, on average, a day to sweep. Currently, Homeowners Associations on the Bureau's address list are notified daily, by e mail, of major scheduled work in the County. Check with your HOA or call the Bureau of Highways at 410-313-7450 for updates. Residents' personal email addresses can be added to the distribution list, at the resident's request.

Why did the sweeper fail to sweep random areas on my street?

Sweepers may have found it necessary to maneuver around vehicles parked on the street. In that instance, residents can call the Bureau of Highways at 410-313-7450 and a supervisor will investigate any missed areas.

Why didn’t the sweeper pick up the leaves on my street?