COVID-19 Updates

The Bureau of Environmental Services office is currently closed to the public.

The Alpha Ridge Landfill is open with modified operations.

This page is monitored and updated daily. Last update 11/30/20.

Please be aware that some donation/recycling opportunities may be impacted by the COVID-19. Please check with businesses and organizations before donating/recycling material. 

know before you throw

Know Before You Throw
We all have questions about what to do with certain items. 

Learn how to properly recycle, reuse, donate or dispose of various items. Is something missing from our list? Let us know as we continue to keep our page up to date.

kbyt game For specific curbside recycling questions, please visit our Curbside Collections page.


To learn about what can be recycled at Alpha Ridge Landfill, visit our Residents' Convenience Center page.


For posters, brochures, games and video tours check out our Brochures & Outreach page.


Sustainable Shopping
Go Green at the Grocery Store! 


Our new Sustainable Shopping page is here to help you make environmentally friendly choices at your local grocery store, carry-out restaurant and other food establishments.

Learn your labels! Do you know the difference between the universal recycling logo () and the How2Recycle logo () ? We're here to help demystify these "ecolabels" to help you be a more knowledgable shopper.

Wondering whether your take-out container is compostable or recyclable? We've put out a new Know Before You Throw guide just for these food service containers and packaging.

Looking for other ways to live more sustainably? Check out Live Green Howard for your guide to "green" living in Howard County.


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