Stormwater Management Facilities

The Stormwater Management Division's responsibilities include the inspection of stormwater facilities in the County. Generally speaking, the maintenance of stormwater management facilities is dictated by the maintenance agreement that the County has with the property owner. However, privately owned facilities located in commercial areas are also maintained by the property owner.

What are stormwater management facilities?

Stormwater management facilities are designed to collect and control runoff from precipitation that falls on the land. Many of these are ponds, but other types of stormwater management facilities include underground storage structures, usually located under parking lots in commercial areas, and curbside inlets that remove oil and grit from storm water runoff. Currently, there are over 9,900 active stormwater management facilities located throughout Howard County.

Types of stormwater management facilities

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Baysaver    Bioretention    Dry Pond (First Flush)       Dry Pond   
Dry Well – Non Residential     Dry Well – Residential     Enhanced Filter Extended Detention Structure Dry (Pond)    
Extended Detention Structure Wet (Pond)    Filter       Filterra       Forebay      
Gravel Wetland       Green Roof