Stormwater Management Contact Us

The Stormwater Management Division specializes in Howard County’s stormwater management facilities, local streams, and floodplains. Contact the Stormwater Management Division for the following concerns:

Are you concerned about stream erosion on your property?

Contact Mark S. Richmond, Chief,, 410-313-6413

Is there a stormwater management facility that needs maintenance?

Contact John Slater,, 410-313-5932

Are you concerned about excessive aquatic vegetation in stormwater management ponds (duck weed, algae, etc.)?

Contact John Slater,, 410-313-5932

Did you observe illicit discharges or dumping into local streams or inlets?

Contact Cynthia Alden,, 410-313-6447 or Max Anthony,, 410-313-6432, or submit a report online using the Illicit Discharge Form

Do you have questions related to floodplains and flood protection?

Contact Christine Lowe,, 410-313-0522

Our Address

9801 Broken Land Parkway,
Columbia, MD 21046

Our Main Phone Number


Related Contacts

Maryland Department of the Environment at 410-537-3000

FEMA or 202-646-2500

Howard County Master Gardeners or 410-313-1913

Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy or 410-599-5362

Other Water-Related Issues & Contacts

Do you have excessive surface water flowing through your property?

Contact the Transportation and Special Projects Division at 410-313-2014.

Is your sump pump continuously flowing?

    • Check that your downspouts are directed away from your foundation.
    • If you suspect there may be a broken water line, contact the Bureau of Utilities at 410-313-4900.
    • If the groundwater table is high, contact the Howard Soil Conservation District at 410 -313-0680 to learn about your property’s soil conditions.

Do you have a sinkhole?

    • If related to storm drain infrastructure, contact the Bureau of Highways at