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Curbside yard trim collection resumed April 3, 2017.

Earth Day Every Day!

Don't miss this FREE family event on April 22nd from 10am to 4pm (rain or shine) at the Howard Community College. Over 80 vendors will wow you with activities, facts, freebies and overall environmental fun! More

Compost Demonstrations

    If you're not already composting in your backyard, this is the year to start! Attend a Master Gardener Compost Demonstration and learn the ins and outs of the process. Add food scraps and yard trim you no longer need and get a valuable FREE product that is great for your garden and flower beds!

Food For Thought Survey

    Test your knowledge about food preservation, food insecurity and proper food storage in an effort to limit food waste. After you complete the survey, print out the coupon to earn a bundle of free reusable produce bags. These bags keep produce crisp and fresh in the fridge AND can be used at the grocery store instead of plastic produce bags. Learn more about the bags and proper food storage.

Feeding the Green Bin Is Even Easier!

    Residents in our Feed The Green Bin program can now add meats, fats and dairy to their green collection carts. Participation is so simple and easy - just put all your food scraps together in your green bin! Learn more and see if you're in the collection area on our Feed The Green Bin webpage.

Recycling Overview

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Outreach & Education

Recycling tours and presentations.
Lesson plans, kid's activities and recycling fun.

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Holiday Schedule

Handy charts of holidays that may affect your collection.

What Should I Do With...?

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Bulk Items & Scrap Metal

Schedule bulk pickup online. Call 410-313-6444 to schedule scrap metal collection.

Alpha Ridge Landfill

Recycle, donate and reuse more items at the Alpha Ridge Residents' Convenience Area.

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Howard County Employee Recycling

County employees recycle just like you do at home!

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