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Program background

In the early 1990s, Howard County Police recognized that there was a problem in our community. Our citizens were being injured and sometimes killed in intersection crashes. The department decided to utilize a problem-oriented policing approach to address the issue. In partnership with traffic engineers and community members, the Howard County Police and Traffic Engineering departments analyzed crashes and the environment in which they occurred.

Ultimately, Howard County decided to take the step of enforcing red light violations by using automated camera systems. In 1998, the county established a unique public-private partnership to create a successful automated enforcement strategy, resulting in the first red light safety program in Maryland.

Howard County Police reached out to other police jurisdictions and currently operate the Regional Automated Enforcement Center (RAEC), where there are currently 10 police agencies spanning five Maryland counties working together to adhere to the highest standards, integrity and quality control established by Howard County.



Where are red light cameras located in Howard County?

Brokenland Parkway at Cradlerock Way
Brokenland Parkway at Snowden River Parkway
Brokenland Parkway at Stevens Forrest Road
Cedar Lane at Freetown Road
Cedar Lane at Hickory Ridge Road
Dobbin Road at Dobbin Center Way