Traffic Safety

The safety of our drivers and passengers on local roadways will always be a priority of the HCPD. Our comprehensive traffic safety program combines strategic enforcement with education and awareness activities.

  • Howard County has seen a reduction in fatal crashes in recent years, as the police department has increased its focus on traffic safety.
  • The HCPD uses statistical analysis to deploy resources where they are most needed to keep our driving public safe.
  • The agency focuses enforcement on traffic safety by assigning officers to patrol areas with the highest instances of distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence.
  • Howard County’s speed camera program in school zones, which includes two vans and two portable units, has reduced driving speeds on 71 percent of roads near schools and reduced collisions by 27 percent.
  • The department offers Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) for young drivers as a defensive driving and vehicle control program.
  • Police continue to work with schools on programs such as “You Are Responsible” and safety issues around prom and graduation season.
  • Each of the two patrol districts has assigned a dedicated officer to focus on and address traffic-related issues.
  • In Howard County, we have expanded a senior citizen driver safety program in areas where older drivers could benefit from additional training. The department also offers a CarFit Program to assist older drivers in ensuring their vehicle safely fits their needs.