Adequate Public Facilities

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Regulation Icon 2 Title 16, Subtitle 11

The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO) provides a growth management process that will enable the County to provide adequate public roads, schools, and other facilities in a timely manner and achieve general plan growth objectives. This process is designed to direct growth to areas where adequate infrastructure exists or will exist.

Housing Unit Allocations

Detailed Allocations: For all projects by allocation area

Housing Unit Allocation Chart: Includes all available allocations for the current 2021 allocation year and future years as well as the total number of tentative allocations granted and requested. The chart is updated weekly reflecting all new plan submission and approvals. (Note that available allocations for future years are subject to change based on the rolling average provision.)

Designated Places Map: Shows the geographic allocation areas delineated in the allocation chart.

Housing Unit Allocations Waiting Bin: Shows all development projects currently in the waiting bin for housing unit allocations.


Open/Closed Schools

School Capacity Chart: Shows the school capacity status of all elementary and middle school districts and elementary school regions in Howard County. 

School Bin: Shows all development projects currently in the closed bin.

School Districts Maps: L