Office Of Law

Please be advised that the Howard County Office of Law will be inaccessible to the public on Friday, March 12, 2021. If you have any questions regarding deliveries, drop-offs, or service of process to the Office of Law during this closure, please contact our main line at 410-313-2100 by or before 12 noon on March 11, 2021.

The Office of Law provides legal representation and advice to Howard County and its offices, departments, boards, commissions, and other agencies in an expeditious and professional manner.  Pursuant to the Howard County Charter, the Office of Law does not advise or represent private citizens. 


The County Solicitor is nominated by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. The Deputy County Solicitor is appointed by the County Solicitor.  The County Solicitor appoints and supervises the Assistants to the County Solicitor and support staff.

Services provided by the Office of Law include:

  • providing legal advice to the Executive, the Council, and all County agencies, offices, boards, and Commissions
  • representing the County and its agencies, officials and employees in all civil litigation matters, including code and regulatory enforcement
  • representing the Maryland Department of Social Services in Children in Need of Assistance cases, Termination of Parental Rights cases, and Adult Guardianship cases
  • reviewing County legislation
  • reviewing and drafting contracts
  • handling real estate transactions
  • collecting overdue taxes, fines and fees