Adopted Codes

Listed below are the current Howard County Building and related codes.

Effective January 05, 2021

2020 NFPA 70 National Electrical 

CB 54-2020

National Fire Protection Association

Effective July 14, 2019

2018 International Building Code
2018 International Residential Code
2018 International Energy Conservation Code
2018 International Mechanical Code
2018 International Plumbing Code
2018 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
2018 International Property Maintenance Code (Rental Housing)

   CB13-2019 Howard County Building Code Amendments

    CB14-2019 Requirements for Diaper Changing Stations

    CB15-2019 Rental Housing Code Amendments

    CB16-2019 Howard County Plumbing and Gasfitting Code Amendments


Effective December 5, 2017
2017 Electrical Code with Local Amendments

 National Fire Protection Association


 Effective June 9, 2015

International Building Code, 2015 Edition
International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings, 2015 Edition
International Mechanical Code, 2015 Edition
International Energy Conservation Code, 2015 Edition
The Life Safety Code, 2015 Edition

Download International Code Local Amendments

International Code Council


2009 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated
2009 National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54)
Download Plumbing Code Local Amendments

Effective January 2, 2007
International Property Maintenance Code 2006