Water and Sewer Billing

Water/sewer bills are issued on a quarterly basis. Water usage charges are a property lien. The property owner is responsible for payment of the water/sewer charges. The County does not pro-rate between buyer/seller or landlord/tenant.

Charges are based on metered water usage. The usage of consumption is multiplied by the current water and sewer rates. There is a water account user charge based on meter size and a sewer account charge set at a flat rate. The water account charges and the sewer account charge are billed each quarter even if there is no water usage.

Water bills are mailed allowing a thirty-day payment period. Payments must be received in the Department of Finance on or before the net due date to avoid late fees. A 10% late fee is assessed to the unpaid balance if payment is not received in the Department of Finance by the net due date. If payment has not reached the Department of Finance on or before the due date a past due notice will be issued. Failure to pay the past due charges will result in the discontinuance of service. Turn–off and turn-on charges will then be assessed. All charges must be paid before water service can be restored. Charges that remain unpaid can be placed in the annual tax sale and are assessed an administrative fee.

Bills are issued to the property unless the County receives notification to mail the bill elsewhere.

The account number stays with the property address. A secondary billing address is available that allows the past due notice to be issued to the address recorded for mailing and to the secondary address.

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