Office of Human Rights
Office of Human Rights has suspended all outreach events and public hearings before the adjudicating body of the Human Rights Commission until further notice. Intake appointments for complaints of discrimination will be conducted by telephone or online. To file a complaint, please call 410-313-6430 or Online at: Online Complaint. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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The Howard County Office of Human Rights is an entity of the Howard County Government that seeks to eradicate discrimination, increase equal opportunity and protect and promote Human Rights in the county. The Office serves as a catalyst in fostering attitudes and beliefs among Howard County residents which confirm that all individuals have an equal opportunity to enjoy a wholesome and productive quality of life and can pursue their lives free of discrimination.

STAND UP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!  Statement from Administrator Yolanda F. Sonnier

History will mark 2020 as a year of clarity – one where the United States of America, great in so many ways, is face to face with the systemic discrimination, prejudice, and racism so entrenched within the country’s fabric.  For the full letter, click here.

The Census Matters to Howard County Residents.
Stand Up and Be Counted!



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The Office of Human Rights
  • Investigates and processes complaints of unlawful discrimination in Employment, Housing, Public Accommodation, Law Enforcement and Financing (Lending Institutions)
  • Resolves complaints by conference, conciliation or through mediation
  • Enforces the Howard County Human Rights Law
  • Conducts public hearings on issues affecting the protection and promotion of Human Rights
  • Conducts studies, surveys and publishes reports
  • Recommends policies on Civil and Human Rights to the County Executive
  • Cooperates with other local, state, and federal agencies and officials to protect and promote better human relations
  • Serves as advocate to address issues involving discrimination, human relations and diversity
  • Initiates and participates in outreach activities and events with governmental and community organizations
  • Serves as a liaison with the public, governmental agencies and community groups to develop educational programs, heightens public awareness of discrimination and methods of eliminating discrimination


Online Complaint Form

To file a Discrimination Complaint, please click here.