Age-Friendly Howard County


What is an age-friendly community?

An age-friendly community respects everyone no matter a person's age or stage of life.  It is a community that provides basic components that make a community a place to safely grow old and grow up.  
Below are the eight domains of livability identified by AARP and the World Health Organization that help make a community age-friendly:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings... People need public places to gather — indoors and out.
  • Transportation... Driving isn’t the only way to get around. Pedestrians need sidewalks and safe, crossable streets. Dedicated bicycle lanes and public transit options are needed as well.
  • Housing... Most older adults want to stay in their current home or community for as long as possible. This is possible if a home is universally designed or modified for aging in place, or if the community has housing options suitable for differing incomes and life stages.
  • Social Participation... Access to leisure and cultural activities is very important for older adults, as are opportunities for social and civic engagement with both peers and younger people.
  • Respect and social inclusion... Communities need programs that promote ethnic and cultural diversity, multigenerational interaction and dialogue among all community members.
  • Civic participation and employment... Paid work and volunteer opportunities are critical for older adults as are opportunities to engage in the creation of policies relevant to their lives.
  • Communication and information... Age-friendly communities recognize that information needs to be shared through a variety of methods.
  • Community support and health services... Access to homecare services, health clinics and programs that promote wellness and active aging is vital.
Does an age-friendly community only help older adults?

No!  The elements of an age-friendly community benefit all members of the community: 

  • Who doesn’t want clean, safe open spaces?  An 8 year-old?  A 20-year old?
  • Who doesn’t want affordable housing? New college graduates with their first job?  Young parents?  Empty nesters?
  • Who isn’t interested in socializing with peers or persons of any age or having their voice heard?
How can you get involved?
  • View the video or read the press release from the Age-Friendly Howard County launch held December 3.
  • Stay tuned for more information on the Age-Friendly Howard County initiative. There will be surveys, listening sessions, focus groups and information sessions around the county.  Information will be posted here.  We want to hear from all members of the community. 
  • Sign up for our email contact list to receive updates and information about Age-Friendly Howard County events and ways to be involved.

Age-Friendly News & Events


Photo from the Age-Friendly Launch

County Executive Ball launches new Age-Friendly Howard County Initiative

View the video from the launch of the Age-Friendly Howard County initiative held December 3 at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center.


Eight Domains of Livability in an Age-Friendly Community

Eight domains of livability