Local Children's Board

The Howard County Local Children's Board is comprised of public and private members working collaboratively to ensure a strong continuum of services for families and children in our community. Also known as the Local Management Board, there is a functioning board in all 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. We work in partnership with the Governor's Office for Children to ensure children grow up healthy, secure and successful.

Recently, The Board has identified priorities and designed strategies to help ensure Howard County is a place where all children thrive. Based on data gathered, the following child well-being goals have been chosen for Howard County:

  • Children Safe in Their Homes and Communities
  • Children Successful in School


The Board provides funding, planning, program development and implementation, and technical assistance to programs and services working to improve outcomes for Howard County's children.  The Board is supporting many initiatives including:  

  •  Youth Homelessness - Youth Count
  •  Food Access - Roving Radish/Weekend Warriors Snack      Packs
  •  Equity - Training and Technical Assistance
  •  Child Mental Health - Building Youth Resiliency and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRM)
  • HoCo S.T.R.I.V.E.S
  • HoCo Scholars
  •  Career Readiness - Summer Youth Employment
  •  Local Care Team
Board Support


FY21 Governor’s Office Funding


Governor’s Office Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund (CCIF) – Total = $529,049
  • Local Care Team Coordinator                                                $81,000
  • Weekend Warrior Snack Packs                                              $78,000
  • Summer Workforce Youth Employment                             $65,000
  • Summer Scholars – HCPSS                                                      $30,000
  • Summer Scholars – LTYC                                                         $39,000
  • Planning & Board Support                                                    $190,787
HoCo S.T.R.I.V.E.S (County Funds) – Total = $350,000



Center for Children


Therapeutic Connections


Summer Scholars


OM Local Leadership Team


Community Fairs


Community Capacity Building





Additional Non CCIF Funding – Total = $388,552

Voices for Change                                                                    $21,760 (General Fund)

Getting Ahead                                                                        $124,933 (General Fund)

Community Capacity Building                                                $30,000 (General Fund)

Operations                                                                                   $8,750 (General Fund)

Local Care Team                                                                       $18,700 (General Fund)

Social and Emotional Learning Strategies                          $164,409 (General Fund)

Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Inc.                               $20,000 (Department of Juvenile Services)




Charmayne Anderson, CB Anderson Partners, Community Representative

Fayth Bowie, Student Member, Community Representative

Rich Gibson, Office of State's Attorney

Stephen Liggett-Creel, Howard County Department of Social Services

Raul Delerme, Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks

Erica Byrne, Voices for Children, Community Representative

Kelly Cimino, Howard County Department of Housing

Bita Dayhoff, Community Action Council, Community Representative

Dawn Duignan, ChairHope Counseling Center, Community Representative

Mike Mitchell, FIRN, Community Representative

Chief Lisa Myers, Department of the Police

Tim Madden, Howard County Department of Juvenile Services

Tonya Aikens, Howard County Library

Dr. Michael Martirano, Howard County Public School System 

Sharon Afework, Office Of Child Care

Melissa Rosenberg, Autism Society, Community Representative

Dr. Maura Rossman, Howard County Department of Health

Jackie Scott, Howard County Department of Community Resources and Services 

Francine Trout, Vice Chair, Office of Workforce Development




Equity and Opportunity

Equity and Opportunity Committee Report


Executive Committee Report


Food Access

Mental Health

NOFA- Notice of Funding Availibility



Local Children’s Board Meeting Schedule FY21

All meetings held at 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Location: Virtual via Webex (Link Provided in Board Agenda)

9830 Patuxent Woods Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21046


The following meeting dates are:

  • Tuesday, September 15, 2020
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2020
  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021
  • Tuesday, March 16, 2021
  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021
  • Tuesday, June 15, 2021 (Annual Meeting)


 Meeting Location: Virtual via Webex (Link Provided in Board Agenda)

To request accommodations to participate in these meetings, please contact the Office of Local Children's Board , 410-313-5929 (Voice/Relay), or email mdawson@howardcountymd.gov at least seven days prior to the meeting date.