Boat or shoreline anglers, fish for prizes in this catch-and-release event. Children 13 years and under win prizes and trophies. Adults win prize money and trophies. Prize categories include bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and trout. T-shirts are given to preregistered participants. Bring bait and tackle. Electric motors only.

Advance registration recommended, but on-site registration available (check in at the Adventure Shack).

Registration # Ages Date/ Time Price
RP9151.711 5-13 yrs May 4, 9am-noon $20
RP9151.721 14  yrs + May 4, 6am-1pm $30

Inclement weather: 410-313-4451, option #1 then option #4 (call on the day of event)

Tournament Rules & Information

Divisions: Tournament Times:
Ages 5-13 9am-noon
Ages 14+ 6am-1pm

The tournament staff have the right to modify or change any of these rules as needed.

1. Children ages 5-13 will receive a ticket to enter a random prize drawing.

2. Registration and check in will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of each tournament. All participants must check in at the registration table at the boat dock / concession area.

3. Fish tags – Please pick up 5 blank fish tags at the registration table. Please fill out the tag with your name and your division (example: age 5-13 or age 14-up). Keep the tag with you throughout the day to use when you enter a fish to be weighed.

4. No lines may be in the water prior to the start of the tournament (see times above).

5. A mobile weigh-in vehicle will patrol the shore area to assist shore anglers in getting their fish to the weigh-in area. The vehicle will circle the park pathway on an hourly basis. Anglers are responsible for flagging down the vehicle. The vehicle staff will take the fish in a tagged bucket to the weigh-in station to record the entries. All fish must be alive when picked up by the mobile vehicle.

6. The weigh-in station is open during the tournament hours. The largest fish in each category determined by the tournament officials will be declared the winner on the basis of weight. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by length (inches). If a tie still exists, both anglers will share the prize.
   a. The ages 5-13 division will compete for awards for the 3 largest fish in each category. (All fish must meet category minimum – see rule 9).
   b. In the Adult division (ages 14-up) trophies and prize money will be awarded for the top 2 fish in each category. A trophy will be awarded to 3rd place. A minimum of 60 registrants in the adult division is needed for the full 1st & 2nd place prize money awards.
      i. 1st prize - $ based on registration & 1st place trophy
      ii. 2nd prize - $ based on registration & 2nd place trophy
      iii. 3rd prize - 3rd place trophy

7. Eligibility of any fish or angler will be determined by the tournament officials as follows:
   a. Any angler entering a fish that does not meet minimum size requirements established by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for statewide fishing will be disqualified (see rule 9).
   b. Boaters are subject to all Maryland DNR boating regulations for Centennial Lake. Citations issued for boat violations will not disqualify anglers but may prohibit boat use during the tournament. Electric motors ONLY.

8. Only registered tournament anglers will be allowed to enter fish for prizes.

9. Only live fish may be weighed and registered for prizes. Fish must be in a bucket. No fish will be allowed to be entered on stringers. All fish will be released after weigh-in. Fish eligible for prizes must meet the following minimum standards:
   • Bass – 12 inches (8 inches for ages 5-13)
   • Bluegill – 6 inches
   • Crappie – 6 inches
   • Trout – 10 inches
   • Catfish – 10 inches (8 inches for ages 5-13)

10. You may not leave the park once you have registered. Any angler that leaves the park will be ineligible to weigh in any fish after leaving.

11. Anglers are limited to three rods per person and two hooks per line.

12. Coolers and live wells will be inspected to make sure fish are not being brought in prior to the tournament. Violators will be disqualified.

13. Anglers age sixteen (16) and older must have a current fishing license.

14. Both artificial and live bait may be used.

15. Fishing is permitted in all areas of the lake except the wildlife area, boat rental docks and canoe launch area. Inflatable waders are not permitted.

16. All fish must be turned in by the tournament ending time (see below). Fish turned in after the ending time will not be accepted. The tournament officials’ watch will determine the official time.
Division Ending Times
Ages 5-13: Noon
Ages 14-up: 1pm

17. If you are fishing from a boat, launch your boat from the boat ramp area, proceed in your boat to the boat dock area for check in and to have your boat inspected. You must then remain in the boat dock area until an overhead announcement is made announcing that the tournament has begun.

18. All anglers fishing from boats are responsible for checking in their own fish.

19. The tournament staff have the right to disqualify any participant on the basis of unsportsmanlike conduct.

20. In the event of inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstance, the tournament officials have the right to suspend or terminate the tournament at any time. Any angler continuing to fish during a suspension in the tournament due to weather conditions may be subject to disqualification from the tournament!

21. The tournament officials reserve the right to amend the rules as conditions may warrant.

Be sure to bring your own rod, bait and bucket. Bait (nightcrawlers) and tackle available for purchase at the Adventure Shack, located near the boat dock.

Be a sportsperson and release all fish gently!

Place trash and other fishing waste in a trash receptacle.

Weigh-in station and first aid station located at the boat dock / concession area.

Periodic tournament announcements such as random prizewinners and remaining time in the tournament will be made via loudspeaker.

Tournament officials
Matt Medicus
Dawn Thomas

May 4, 2024
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Centennial Park South Boat Launch

10000 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042
United States


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