The Office on Aging and Independence provides emotional wellness outreach through SeniorsTogether peer groups and behavioral health programs such as educational sessions, resource sharing, and other community engagement.  Emotional wellness topics include depression, grief, stress management, and maintaining a thriving aging process.  Programs are offered in 50+ Centers and other community locations.

For information, please contact Karen Hull at 410-313-7466 (voice/relay) or email [email protected].

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The SeniorsTogether peer outreach program encourages interaction among older adult peers with the goal of promoting a positive outlook, creating social networks, and supporting a thriving aging process.

SeniorsTogether discussion groups are a safe, confidential place for sharing ideas and issues, finding resources, and staying stimulated.  All groups are led by a peer facilitator who guides the discussion.  Other activities include luncheons, speaker engagements, and workshops. All SeniorsTogether activities are developed with sensitivity to sensory and mobility issues. 

Trainings and Events

Training is available for the professional or community audience on an array of mental health topics such as depression, suicide, stress management, and resiliency.  Trainings can be tailored to a group's specific needs.

Periodic emotional wellness screenings, information, and resources are offered at 50+ Centers and other locations.  Screenings, information, and resources can be tailored to a group's specific needs.

To request a training or screening event, please contact Karen Hull at 410-313-7466 (voice/relay) or email [email protected].

Support Groups

SeniorsTogether Low Vision support group meets every Tuesday from 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. at the Bain 50+ Center.  Individuals with varying levels of vision loss are welcome.  For information, please contact Elaine Widom at 410-313-7353 (voice/relay) or email [email protected]

SeniorsTogether Caregiver support group meets every 3rd Monday of the month via WebEx from 7 - 8:30 p.m.  This group is designed for adult caregivers caring for another adult.

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