Please call our inclement weather lines about the status of camps, programs, events, facilities, and parks:

Roger Carter Community Center

3000 Milltowne Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Main Phone: 410-313-2764
Fax: 410-313-2746
Center Updates/Drop-in Line: 410-313-2764 (when prompted dial option 3)
Inclement Weather: 410-313-4452

We are open and taking extra steps to ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff. Please review our COVID - Guest Expectations and Drop-In Schedules (tab below) prior to scheduling an appointment.

To schedule an appointment for the fitness room, gymnasium or pool, please call the Front Desk at 410-313-2764; Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm.

Center Hours:

Monday - Friday: 6am -10pm 

Saturday: 7am-10pm

Sunday: 7am-9pm

Closed in 2020: Jan 1, Apr 12, Sep 7, Nov 26-27, and Dec 25

Closing at 5pm in 2020: May 25, Jul 3, Dec 24, and Dec 31

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The Roger Carter Community Center is a 46,000 square foot silver LEED-certified community center that includes a swimming pool, splash pad, basketball and volleyball courts, classrooms, fitness and exercise rooms with cardio and PRECOR strength training equipment, a climbing wall and much more. 

Community Center’s COVID - Guest Expectations

Guests that do not meet the expectations will be asked to leave and may forfeit their ability to reserve future appointments until the center is permitted to operate at 100% capacity.

  • Please stay home if you have a fever (100.4 or above) or are experiencing symptoms of illness.
  • Arrive dressed and ready. Changing areas and storage lockers are closed. The facility is not responsible for personal belongings.
  • Bring water. Water fountains are turned off. 
  • Do not enter the building until 5 minutes prior to your appointment.  Please do not congregate by the facility. 
  • Five minutes before your appointment, please make sure you have a facial covering over your nose and mouth and form a single line (6 feet apart from one another).
  • Upon entering the building, you must complete a health screening.
  • You may only utilize the area you have an appointment scheduled in. Once you have completed your activity, please exit the facility and do not congregate.
  • Adhere to all physical distancing guidelines and posted signage.
  • You are required to wear a facial covering unless performing cardio activity or swimming.
  • Practice good personal hygiene (wash hands, cover sneeze/coughs).
  • Patrons are limited to 1 appointment per day and 4 appointments per week.
  • Fitness – Appointments will be 60-minute blocks.
    • Clean fitness equipment before and after use. 
    • Use one piece of equipment at a time. 
  • Gymnasium - Appointments will be 60-minute blocks.
    • No organized play in the gymnasium.
    • Bring your own equipment. The center will not provide equipment.
  • Pool - Lap swim appointments will be 60-minute blocks, open swim appointments will be 90-minute blocks.
    • It is not recommended to wear your mask while in the water.
    • Shower before entering the pool.
    • Recommended to bring: 
      • A towel, sharing towels is not recommended
      • Personal flotation devices (lifeguard approved), kick boards, swim caps, nose plugs, and goggles.
  • Tips and Tricks for Pool Use during COVID-19
    • Changing areas and lockers are closed off for use.  This is due to the more congested and smaller nature of the room and prevention of spreading any type of germs or illness from one person to another.  It is not recommended to ‘change’ in the bathroom stalls or showers for the same reasoning.
    • Instead, come dressed and prepared to get into the water.  Have your swim suit on under you clothing so you are ready to swim.
    • Bring an extra towel, mask, and warm clothing with you in your swim bag.  When exiting the water, it is best to:
      • Dry your face and put on your mask.
      • Thoroughly dry yourself while on the pool deck. 
      • Wear your warm clothing over top of your suit to help protect you from the elements and get to your vehicle.  In colder conditions, sweatpants, jackets, hats, socks and shoes are highly recommended.
    • If you have specific equipment that you prefer to use while at the pool, please bring it with you. Any pool equipment and/or floatation devices must be approved by the lifeguard manager on duty before use.

Appointment Cancellations


  • Appointment Cancellation: If for a time or date the center or amenity is canceled or closed, the center will make every effort to reschedule those with appointments or issued a full credit to their account. 
  • Nonmembers: Notify the center within 12 hours of appointment time to cancel or reschedule to receive a credit on account. Refunds and transfers will not be performed for no call, no shows. 
  • Members: Notify the center within 12 hours of appointment time to cancel or reschedule to receive a credit on account. No call, no show will operate with a 3 strikes rule: 

o   Members will receive a follow up email and reminder at next booking 

o   Members will receive a follow up email and phone call  

o   Members will be suspended from making appointments for a period of time 

Inclement Weather Policy

It is recommended that patrons call the Center Updates/Drop-in Line prior to arriving. There are no refunds for cancellations due to inclement weather.

Center Updates/Drop-in Line: 410-313-2764 (when prompted dial option 3)

Winter Weather: If a winter weather warning is announced, the opening time will be adjusted to 7 AM. If Howard County schools open one hour late, the center will strive to open at 9:30 AM; if two hours late, at 10:30 AM.
If schools are closed due to inclement weather, every attempt will be made to open the center by 10:30 AM. If Snow Emergency is in effect the Center will be closed. Once it has been lifted the center will strive to open as soon as possible. Please call the inclement weather number to confirm the center's status when schools are closed.

Thunder/Lightning: At the first sign of thunder and/or lightning, the pool will close for at least 30 minutes from the last sound/sight. If there is lightning the pool and pool deck must be cleared. If there is just thunder, guests may remain on the pool deck but must clear the water.

Center Rules & Expectations

General Center Rules:
1. All patrons must report to front desk for check-in. Everyone that enters the building must pay the Drop-in-Rate or be a FIT4U member, program participant and/or center member.
2. No interference with employee or volunteer duties.
3. No harassment or inappropriate or indecent conduct or language.
4. No food or beverages in unauthorized areas; glass containers are prohibited.
5. No smoking or vaping in buildings or on county property.
6. No unauthorized use of alcohol, illegal drugs, intoxicants or weapons.
7. No unauthorized alteration or installation of equipment.
8. No defacing of property.
9. No conduct that may jeopardize the safety of others.
10. Shoes and shirts must be worn always outside of the locker room and pool area.
11. Customers are encouraged to secure their belongings. Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Locks are not provided, they must be removed when leaving.
12. No unauthorized amplified music.
13. The actions and conduct of an organized group are the responsibility of the group leader.
14. All members and guests must wear their wristband given to them by the front desk staff.
15. Pets are not permitted in the center.  

Locker Room Rules:
•Patrons must use the locker room of their gender.
•Use of mobile phones, electronic devices and cameras are strictly prohibited in the locker rooms.

Fitness Room Rules:
•Patrons are responsible for wiping down equipment after each use and returning weights to the racks provided.
•Cardiovascular equipment use is limited to 20 minutes when people are waiting.
•Don’t drop or bang weights. Use of a spotter when lifting weights is highly recommended.
•Food is not permitted in the fitness room.
•Cell phone use is not permitted while using the equipment.
•No unauthorized instructional activity.

•Proper fitness attire is required. Bathing suits are not permitted in the fitness room.
•Only non-marking athletic shoes are permitted.

Age Limits
•Children 12 and under are not permitted in the fitness room at any time.
•Ages 13-15 require a mandatory orientation.

Safety First
•Read instructions and check for loose, frayed or worn parts before using equipment.
•Keep head and limbs clear of moving machine parts.
•Lift within your limits. 

Aerobics Room Rules:
•No unauthorized use of equipment or stereo.
•Proper fitness attire is required.
•Only non-marking athletic shoes are permitted.
•No unauthorized instructional activity.

Gymnasium Rules:
•Only non-marking athletic shoes are permitted.
•Dunking and hanging on the basketball rims or volleyball net is prohibited. 
•The gym shall not be used for any activity other than its intended purpose, unless approved by Center staff.
•No unauthorized instructional activity.
•Games may be shortened at Center’s discretion.
Teen Zone
Drop-in Basketball
Drop-in Volleyball

Drop-in Information

All patrons entering the facility must pay the daily admission or have a valid membership, unless they are a participant in a Howard County Recreation & Parks program taking place at the center. This includes parents/guardians who are supervising their children at the swimming pool.

Groups of 10 or more require 7 days notice and must make a reservation with the Director.

Daily Admission:
3yrs+: $5
2yrs and under: FREE
Group rate: $4 (20 or more guests)

Drop-in Schedule:

September 21 - September 27

September 28 - October 4


Center Memberships (for all ages)
The Center Membership gives you access to three community centers including Roger Carter, Gary J. Arthur, and North Laurel Community Center. These memberships provide patrons access to the gymnasium (basketball/volleyball courts) and walking track only. For access to the fitness equipment and/or pool see Fit4U or Go50+ Memberships. 

Membership  Resident Rate     Nonresident Rate   
Annual (3+ yrs) $25  $50
Card Replacement Fee    $10 $10

*Ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old at all times; exceptions made during Teen Zone.


Fit4U Memberships (for ages 3-49)
The Fit4U Membership gives you access to three community centers including Roger Carter, Gary J. Arthur, and North Laurel Community Center. These memberships provide patrons access to the fitness and aerobics/dance rooms at open (non-class) times, use of the gymnasiums during open and drop-in programs, access to the game rooms, and access to the pool at Roger Carter. There are also discounts on center activities and events. Receive 5% off of two or more Fit4U memberships of the same length purchased or renewed at the same time.

Membership  Resident Rate    Nonresident Rate   
Ages 3-12*    
12 Months $85   $105
6 Months $55  $70
3 Months $35   $45
1 Month $15   $20
Ages 13-49**     
12 Months  $300 $360 
6 Months  $180 $225 
3 Months  $105 $135 
1 Month  $40 $50

*Permitted use of pool, gymnasium and walking track. Must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old at all times; exceptions made during Teen Zone.
**Members ages 13-15 year olds must first complete a mandatory orientation with the fitness coordinator and must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old at all times; exceptions made during Teen Zone.


Go50+ Memberships (for ages 50+)
The Go50+ membership packages are designed to enhance the quality of life for the 50+ adult population that lives, works and plays in Howard County. Howard County