Bureau of Utilities - Sewage Backups

If you are connected to the public sewer system and experience a sewer blockage, it is recommended that you call the County first at 410-313-4900 before calling a plumber.

We can dispatch a sewer truck to send a high-pressure water hose down through the cleanout , near your property line, out to the sewer main.

This can possibly resolve the problem, if the blockage is on the County's side ( public ), but, in any event, will ensure that the County's portion of your sewer service is open and not causing the problem.

This knowledge can be helpful if you do have to call a plumber to repair your private sewer.

Please click on the image below for a more detailed illustration of where the County's responsibility ends and the homeowner's responsibility begins for your sewer service:

Typical Sewage Connection

If you have any further questions about these or any other public water/ sewer subjects, please don't hesitate to call the Bureau of Utilities at 410-313-4900. 

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