Howard County police have charged a 15-year-old male student with bringing a gun into Reservoir High School today. According to school staff, the student left the school without permission to get fast food. When he returned around 12:30 p.m., staff followed protocol requiring them to search his bag upon return. When they advised him of the search, he left the school and was spotted by a witness in the area dropping an object in the woods.

A staff member located the object, which was determined to be a loaded handgun, and reported the incident to police. The student returned to the school and is being charged with possession of a handgun on his person and on school property. There have been no reports that the student made any threats or that there were any problems leading up to the incident.

Investigators determined that the handgun was unregistered and had not been reported stolen. They are working to determine how the student obtained the weapon. Police searched his home in Laurel and found no additional evidence or weapons. The investigation is ongoing.


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