School buses in Howard County stop to let students on and off hundreds of times each day. That means drivers have to stop, too. And with all buses now equipped with external cameras so not stopping means a $250 fine.

Some confusion comes when trying to figure out when drivers need to stop and when they can keep going. 

Do I need to stop?

You must stop in both directions unless you're on the opposite side of a roadway divided by a physical barrier.

Directions for who has to stop for a bus depending on the road type

What is a divided highway?

A divided highway has a physical barrier dividing the opposite lanes of traffic. Roadways are typically divided by concrete or grassy median.  

Bus stops with the greatest number of violations occur along multi-lane undivided roadways where drivers commonly do not stop when traveling the opposite direction of the bus.

Two common roadways of confusion are Route 40 and Route 1.

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