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Park pavilions are a great place to hold a birthday party, corporate event, large family gathering, school picnic or any other special occasion. Pavilions vary in size to accommodate any group, and many come equipped with cooking facilities.

The pavilion rental season runs from April 1 through Nov. 30, rain or shine (no refunds for inclement weather).

Pavilions are available free on a first-come, first-served basis during the remainder of the year. However, restroom water and water fountains are turned off during winter months and grills may not be available or accessible during this time due to winter maintenance. Your rental may begin as early as 10 AM and must conclude by sunset (times subject to change).

You MUST leave the park by the designated time of sunset or be charged a late fee of $25 per ½ hour.

For information about the pavilions or to make a reservation, you may call 410-313-4682 Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4:30 PM. Reservations are accepted up to one year in advance (to the day) via phone and walk-in at Recreation and Parks Headquarters. Please be aware that some of our pavilions, particularly Pavilion D and H at Centennial Park are very popular. In the event that more than one customer is at headquarters simultaneously to reserve the same pavilion for the same date; a coin toss will take place to determine who will receive the rental. In order to give everyone a fair chance, we do not give precedence to previous or annual renters. Please come prepared with the expectation that you may not get the pavilion on the date that you want.

Click on each pavilion below for details, including pictures and amenities.

Park Pavilion Name  Maximum Capacity Resident Fee        Non-Resident Fee
Alpha Ridge Park Pavilion 1 & 2
 60  $170  $203 
Cedar Lane Park East Pavilion
 100  $352  $385
Cedar Lane Park West Pavilion
 150  $440  $473
Centennial Park Pavilion A
 40  $165  $198
Centennial Park Pavilion B
 40  $165  $198   
Centennial Park Pavilion C
 40  $165  $198

Centennial Park Pavilion D

 115  $396  $429

Centennial Park Pavilion E

 40  $165  $198

Centennial Park Pavilion F

 40  $165  $198
Centennial Park Pavilion G
 40  $165  $198
Centennial Park Pavilion H
 300  $990  $1,023

Centennial Park Pavilion O

 60  $170  $203

Guilford Park Pavilion

 60  $170  $203
Hammond Park Pavilion
 60  $170  $203   
High Ridge Park Pavilion
 50  $330  $363
Meadowbrook Park Hawksview Pavilion
 125  $385   $418
North Laurel Park Pavilion
 100  $330  $363
Rockburn Branch Park Pavilion
 90  $247  $280
Savage Park Pavilion
 100  $363
Waterloo Park Large Pavilion
 60  $170  $203
Waterloo Park Small Pavilion
 40  $143  $176
Western Regional Park Pavilion 1
 75  $200  $230
Western Regional Park Pavilion 2 & 3
 40  $155
Western Regional Park Pavilion 4 & 5
 150  $350  $380