Health Disparities Grants

The Local Health Department Health Disparities Funding Opportunity has allowed the Health Department to fund two categories of grants. The first is for local organizations to identify and recruit community leaders to create a network of certified Community Health Workers (CHW) to aid in chronic disease prevention and management, and to decrease hospitalization utilization rates in identified communities. The second grant will be awarded to local organizations to provide ongoing support for this CHW network. 

Funding, grants and projects file folders

Application Process & Instructions

The deadline for this application has passed. The materials below are listed for reference purposes only.

How to Apply

  • Read the Request for Proposals (RFP) document.
  • Determine which grant is best for your organization (organizations can apply for both)
  • Download the chosen grant application
  • Complete and submit application to indicated email address by August 31, 2022

Deadline: August 31, 2022

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