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Online Programs

Pre-K (0-5 yrs)

Adventures in Learning

Tots Discovery

Is your two-year-old ready for a challenging experience? This program provides enriching, activities that allow children to explore while building a foundation for a preschool experience. Thematic lessons are developmentally appropriate. All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.


Preschool Adventures

Join us for a new type of adventure this year! Due to COVID-19 we will not be holding traditional in person classes. Enjoy an exciting well-rounded hybrid in person/ online experience. Enriching activities include story time, music, art, crafts, as well as math, writing skills, and science.

On Mondays our adventure will include an optional outside hour-long story time in small groups. All materials for activities will be supplied and instruction will be delivered digitally Monday-Thursday.


My First School

This program is designed to help children make a successful transition to preschool. Children will be reinforcing fine and gross motor skills while exploring the alphabet, games, music, movement, and art. All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.


Step into School

This specialized program is designed to help your child get ready for kindergar