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  • In-person camps have begun. Due to safety requirements, many camps have been cancelled.
  • This spreadsheet is a list of camps that are ready to run. This list will grow weekly, so please check back often.
  • HCRP Summer Camp COVID Safety Policies (updated June 2020)
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  • Click here for a list of our adult in-person programs.
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Online Camps

Click here for a list of our online/virtual camps.

This list will grow weekly, so please check back often.

Free videos and prints outs!

Our page grows daily! We post each new activity on our social media site (HoCoRec) first and then catalog it here the following day.

Adventures in Learning

Fairytale Memory Game

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight

Crafts & Fine Arts

Coloring Book

Popsicle Stick Train Engine

Shape Train

ABC Plate

Balloon Cars

Makin' Tracks

Name Train

Tube Trains 

Find 10 Differences (Dogs)

Find 10 Differences (Bugs)

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk at Home!

How to Paint Fluffy Clouds with Pinot’s Palette

Fairytale Coloring Pages

Bird Coloring Pages

How to Make Your Own Binoculars


Sweet Corn in Hot Garlic Sauce with Chef Ravi’s

Colonial Butter

Hard Tack (Ship Biscuit) 


Make your Own Rock Candy 

Easy Cooking with Chef Ravi: Veggie Cutlets


Bicep and Tricep Workout with Sara Schwab

12 Minute Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing Workout

Kettlebell Exercise with Sara Schwab

Chest and Back Exercises with Sara Schwab

Historic & Heritage

Popsicle Stick Train Engine

Shape Train

ABC Plate

Balloon Cars (video)

Colonial Butter

Family History Movie Night

Hard Tack (Ship Biscuit) 


Makin' Tracks

Name Train

Make your Own Rock Candy 

Paper Columns

Paper Plate Engineer Hat

Tube Trains 

B&O EC Station Museum Story Time with Emily Mosher

B&O Storytime: "The Little Engine That Could"

Color Sorting Activity

B&O Storytime: Freight Train by Donald Crews

Build Your Own Catapult

Cookie Excavation

Flintknapping a Projectile Point

How To Make Rag Dolls

Peanut Butter & Jelly Stratigraphy

How To Make Thaumatropes

Design Your Own Train

PFI Architecture History Lesson and Craft

Making a Ragdoll and Thaumatrope with the B&O EC Station Museum!

Nature & Environment

Picasso, Robinson Nature Center's Painted Turtle

Houdini the musk turtle

How to Use the iNaturalist App at Home

Robinson Nature Center: Frogs and Tadpoles Around You!

The Raccoon Who Slept Through Summer

Blueberry vs. Picasso Turtle Race

Native Plant Pollinator Garden Design Templates

Animal Ambassador: Sirius the Snake (Robinson Nature Center)

Help the Bees Find Their Hive

Crossword Puzzle

Connect the Dots

Robinson Nature Center Animal Coloring Pages

Basics of Bird Identification with Park Ranger Erin Eve

Birdwatching and the Maryland Breeding Bird Atlas

Robinson Nature Center: Frogs and Tadpoles Around You!


Howard County Lacrosse Program Easy Circuit Drill

Virtual Catch with the HCRP Sports and Adventure Staff!

Virtual Catch: One More Time!

Shooting Stars LAX

Easy Volleyball Drills with Ofer Leavy Volleyball Academy

Baseball Drills with the Columbia Baseball League!

Flag Football Drills

Easy Tennis Drills with Jim and Noel



Online Programs

Pre-K (0-5 yrs)

Adventures in Learning

Tots Discovery

Is your two-year-old ready for a challenging experience? This program provides enriching, activities that allow children to explore while building a foundation for a preschool experience. Thematic lessons are developmentally appropriate. All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.


Preschool Adventures

Join us for a new type of adventure this year! Due to COVID-19 we will not be holding traditional in person classes. Enjoy an exciting well-rounded hybrid in person/ online experience. Enriching activities include story time, music, art, crafts, as well as math, writing skills, and science.

On Mondays our adventure will include an optional outside hour-long story time in small groups. All materials for activities will be supplied and instruction will be delivered digitally Monday-Thursday.


My First School

This program is designed to help children make a successful transition to preschool. Children will be reinforcing fine and gross motor skills while exploring the alphabet, games, music, movement, and art. All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.


Step into School

This specialized program is designed to help your child get ready for kindergarten. Daily activities include writing skills, reading readiness, and math skills. Activities support school curriculum goals. All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.


Kindergarten Jump Start

This academic program helps children prepare for a smooth transition into kindergarten. Through age-appropriate activities in reading readiness, math, science, and social studies, participants engage in a variety of ways designed to help them focus on listening and following directions as well as starting and completing task. Music, movement, and art make learning fun! All materials will be provided to accompany the digitally delivered instruction Monday through Thursday.


Marshmallow Math

Math is more fun when experimenting and playing! Explore math concepts through sorting, patterns, counting, graphing, and measuring. Explore terrific tangrams and learn basic addition and subtraction. Manipulatives are incorporated to help this preschool experience be meaningful and stimulating. Math related art projects add to the fun! All materials will be provided. Instruction will be delivered digitally.

Youth (5-12 yrs)


Learn Now Music

Budding musicians, participate in musical instruction and theory. Enjoy musical games, special extension curriculum based activities, musical listening excerpts, and more! You are able to borrow a rental instrument and materials throughout each session at no cost. This class will be taught via ZOOM.



NEW! USTA Virtual Tennis Fitness & More Class

Think you need a tennis court to learn and practice tennis? Think again! Join the US Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) for this unique, interactive online class that develops and hones your skills off the court, right in the comfort of your home!

Participants work on their personal fitness through creative tennis-relevant exercises, footwork drills, and shadow stroke training. Participants also develop themselves mentally and socially using tennis as the vehicle to learn valuable STEAM concepts (such as math, science, and art) and important life skills (such as good sportsmanship, resilience, and managing emotions).

Program is taught by USTA-trained and screened coaches utilizing materials from TGA (Teach, Grow, Achieve) Premier Youth Tennis and USTA Net Generation. Past tennis experience is not required, this program is open to all skill levels. Sessions are offered by month.

Teens & Adults (13 yrs +)


NEW! USTA Virtual Adult Cardio Tennis

Join the US Tennis Association for this high energy cardio class that features the movement and fun of tennis for a full body, calorie-burning aerobic workout right from home.  Our instructor will incorporate tennis moves used for ball striking, foot work and balance along with strength training and flexibility exercises.  This class is guaranteed to make you stronger and more agile for your return to the tennis court. Sessions are offered by month.

Adult (18 yrs +)


NEW! Ottoman Dishes of Istanbul with Chef Alba

Join Chef Alba as we create off-the-beaten-path Turkish dishes. Menu: Mevlubi Cevirme Pilav (Upside Down Rice Dish with Layers of Meat + Vegetables), Colorful Turkish Salad over Toasted Sesames Hummus, and for dessert Almond Date and Apricot Delights. This is a demo style virtual class. Students will receive an email one-day prior to the start of class with WebEx link.



Adult Beginner Ballet With Cecilia Ituarte

Adults with little or no previous ballet training, learn basic ballet exercises with an emphasis on body alignment and musicality while developing a strong core. A Virtual Classroom link will be emailed to registrants.

NEW! BRASSercise Latin & Swing Dancing with Jim and Lucy

BRASS stands for Ballroom, Rhythm and Smooth Swing. Join us online for a low impact dance exercise class using real dance steps you can take out onto a dance floor. Price is per person. Virtual Classroom link will be emailed to registrants.



Barre Above

Enjoy a cutting-edge, safe and progressive method of barre training that lengthens and strengthens your muscles and improves your flexibility and posture. This fun class gives you great results! Free class on 9/8 for 9/15 class and on 9/11 for 9/18 class by emailing cox@freedomfitness.info. 


Booty Camp Cardio

Total motivation − no yelling or screaming. Designed to torch calories, crank up your metabolism, change your body, and life. Booty Camp Cardio builds confidence with an array of cardio and strength moves utilizing balls, bands, weights and your own body weight. Free class 9/9, register by emailing cox@freedomfitness.info. 


Cardio Blast Interval with Linda Donatich, NETA 

This highly effective class includes a 25-minute cardiovascular workout with intense intervals to boost metabolism and 35 minutes of muscle conditioning, core work and stretching. All levels enjoy an intense, energetic workout! Bring hand weights (5 lbs. recommended) and a mat. 

Cardio Crunch Challenge with Lori Nowicki, ACE 

This class has it all! Experience something new to challenge every muscle. Classes rotate between aerobics, step, circuit, boot camp, kickboxing, athletic training, Tabata and intervals. Each class consists of 45 minutes of cardio mixed with strength, core, flexibility, foam roller and balance. Experience a high-energy class at high or low impact, take the challenge and have fun. Bring a mat, hand weights. Some classes are outdoors. No class 9/28 or 11/25. 


FUN-ctional Fitness with Tracy Cox AFAA

It is never too late to improve overall strength, flexibility, balance and muscle tone. This class is for beginning and experienced fitness friends that are ready to put the “fun” in FUNctional. We emphasize how your body moves, rather than how it looks. Come ready for a fun session and prepare to leave empowered, stretched, and stronger. Free class 9/8 by emailing cox@freedomfitness.info. 


NEW! HIIT Fix By Minds & Motion 

HIIT Fix, an effective and fun mash up of cardio, strength, and agility exercises with a focus on functional movement and mobility. Join award-winning WNBF Figure Pro and certified fitness coach Stacy J in this 45-minute power, circuit-style routine designed to unleash your inner athlete and show you how powerful you truly are. These unique, high-intensity interval training routines will help you build endurance, strengthen your muscles, tighten your core, and keep you active and mobile for years to come. All levels welcome. 


LaBlast® Dance Fitness 

LaBlast® Fitness is a partner-free ballroom-based dance fitness workout created by world-renowned dancer and fitness expert Louis van Amstel (as seen on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars). Accessible for all levels – from the absolute beginner to the experienced dancer; LaBlast is a pure total body workout, incorporating hand weights (provided), balance and strength moves, working in all planes of motion. Whether you want to tone your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn to dance, or just have a great time