Risk Management

The Howard County Risk Management office provides insurance, safety, loss control, claim handling and general risk management services for County departments and adjunct agencies.

The following are examples of services provided:

  • Assist with planning and implementing new programs with loss control as a key element
  • Listen to employee safety concerns and find solutions
  • Train employees in OSHA/MOSH compliance
  • Coordinate the best quality medical care when employee on-the-job injuries occur
  • Respond to major incidents involving damage to County property
  • Procure insurance and provide advice for insurance related matters
  • Investigate and resolve claims filed against the County by third parties


6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Box 303, Columbia, MD 21046


Phone: (410) 313-6390

Fax: (410) 313-6399



Reporting Incidents

To report an incident to Risk Management for investigation, fill out and print the form below and send it to the Risk Management Office along with any other important information relative to the incident.

NOTE: This form is for use only when damage or injury involves Howard County property, vehicles, or is caused by Howard County employees. Click on FAQs for more information regarding this form.