ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County reached a significant vaccination milestone today, with 95% of residents 12 years and older receiving at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to the Maryland Department of Health. 88.5% of eligible residents are now fully vaccinated.  

Our message has been clear: to Stay COVID Safe, get vaccinated. This milestone is not by accident; our team of community partners and organizations are having the important conversations with our residents and emphasizing how critical getting vaccinated is to protect yourself and loved ones. As we head into winter, and more folks are gathering indoors, it’s vital to have a highly vaccinated community. We are determined to reach every eligible resident and encourage vaccination as other COVID-19 variants continue to be a concern.

Calvin Ball
Howard County Executive

Howard County currently leads the state with the lowest case rate per 100,000 residents of 6.5. Its positivity rate is also one of the lowest in the state at 1.91%. To date, 99.9% of residents 65+ have at least one dose, with 94.1% fully vaccinated. Additionally, 90.8% of residents ages 12-17 have at least one dose, with 83.5% fully vaccinated.  

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