ELLICOTT CITY, MD – A Howard County construction project to stabilize a significantly eroded stream near 3951 and 3959 Ducks Foot Lane in Ellicott City, is expected to begin on or about Tuesday, September 6th. The stream will be stabilized using wood and rock structures and bio-engineering plantings in order to restore a more natural stream, reduce instream erosion and improve water quality. Additionally, the area disturbed by the construction will be replanted upon the completion of the project. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be completed by late November 2022.
While the project is not expected to impact traffic flow, signs have been posted near the project area to advise motorists and pedestrians of the construction.
The project is partially funded through the County’s Watershed Protection and Restoration Fund.
For questions or concerns about Capital Project D-1158/D-1176, contact Public Works Customer Service at 410-313-3440 or email [email protected]

Media Contacts
Bill Liu, Project Manager

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