ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Calvin Ball proposes fully funding the Board of Education’s (BOE) capital funding request for Fiscal year 2025 (FY25). In his proposed FY25 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) submitted to the Howard County Council, Ball proposed $75.7 million in combined funding from the State and local government. County funding will include $61.2 million, which is the second highest in 16 years, and anticipated State aid of $14.5 million. Ball’s entire proposed CIP budget can be found here.

In Howard County, we foster the best teaching and learning environments for all our students and educators. As a former educator and lifelong learner, I know firsthand the importance of securing world class facilities so our students can meet their potentials. With these investments, we are not only keeping our promises of putting education at the forefront, but we are committing to advance long-awaited projects for our community.

Calvin Ball
Howard County Executive

The FY25 plan includes planning for the Oakland Mills Middle School renovation, equipment and furnishings for the Faulkner Ridge Center and the Applications and Research Lab renovations, systemic renovations of HVAC systems, secure vestibules, and other equipment. 

This year’s investment of $36.8 million of local funding towards systemic renovations represents a $10.7 million increase over FY24. The systemic renovations projects include: 

  • HVAC replacement for Manor Woods Elementary; 
  • The West Friendship Elementary Well project;
  • HVAC replacement for St. Johns Lane Elementary;
  • HVAC replacement for Lime Kiln Middle School;
  • Lisbon Elementary Water Tank work; and 
  • Replacement of athletic fields across the County. 

I am grateful for the continued partnership with the County Executive and prioritization of the needs of Howard County Students. Ensuring our facilities are safe, clean and fully available for teaching and learning is critical for the success of our programs and supports for students. The Capital Improvement Plan advanced by the Board of Education and being embraced and funded by Dr. Ball prioritizes several necessary projects that Board members, HCPSS staff, and many stakeholders lifted up as essential and we look forward to moving these projects forward.

William J. Barnes
Acting Superintendent, Howard County Public School System

Since Ball became County Executive, including FY 2025, County Funding for HCPSS systemic renovations projects has totaled $124.3 million, an average of $20.7 million per year. The total County investment for the previous four years was $40.3 million, at an average of $10.1 million each year.

Additionally, Ball’s proposed FY 2025 budget provides $15 million in County PAYGO funds for land acquisition, planning, and design for High School #14 in Elkridge. This investment of County dollars for a new school site is in addition to $75.7 million total for the HCPSS CIP, and fulfills a commitment to advance High School #14 in Elkridge that Ball made during his 2023 State of the County address.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Howard County Public School System, Ball committed to maximize State funding made available through the Built to Learn Program. Enacted into law in 2020, the Built to Learn Program allocated $112,200,000 to Howard County over a 10-year period for construction of local school capital projects. 

By committing to provide the local capital funds that match State participation, the FY26-FY30 Capital Improvement Program cements the promises made to our local communities to fund the Oakland Mills Middle School Renovation/Expansion, the Dunloggin Middle School Renovation/Expansion, and the Oakland Mills High School Renovation/Expansion. This commitment ensures that Howard County will leave no stone unturned in maximizing the school construction funds made available by the State.  

Provided that the Board of Education maintains the current Capital Improvement Program schedule, the following projects will fully utilize Built to Learn Funds: 

Oakland Mills Middle School: The Oakland Mills Middle School project will renovate and add nearly 200 seats to the existing facility. The estimated total cost for this project is $81,579,000. 

The project will advance following the below timeline: 

  • Design Development - June 2024 
  • Construction Documents - November 2024 
  • Issue Bidding Documents - March 2025 
  • Bids Received - April 2025 
  • Construction Starts - July 2025 
  • Phase 1 Completion - December 2026 
  • Phase 2 Completion - December 2027 
  • Phase 3 Completion - July 2028 
  • Final Occupancy - September 2028 

Dunloggin Middle School: The Dunloggin Middle School project will renovate and expand educational program spaces, and it will add 233 new seats. The newly constructed portions of the building will consist of new general education teaching stations, science rooms, and specialized education program spaces. More importantly, the renovations will eliminate the need for the current five relocatable classrooms keeping students inside the school for the entirety of the school day. The estimated total cost for this project is $88,402,000 and is anticipated to achieve USGBC LEED Certification. The expected occupancy for the renovated and expanded school is September 2029.

Expected funding for the project will include:

  • FY26 - $11,050,000
  • FY27 - $35,361,000
  • FY28 - $22,100,000
  • FY29 - $11,050,000
  • FY30 - $2,363,000

"It’s so exciting to see the Dunloggin Middle School renovation and expansion be prioritized,” said Zunaira Awan, parent of Dunloggin Middle School students. “This project is long overdue, and I’m grateful for County Executive Ball’s commitment of funding to ensure this project can move forward as planned.”

Oakland Mills High School- The Oakland Mills High School project will renovate and add 400 seats to the existing school. The project will consist of a complete systemic renovation that will replace the aging heating and cooling systems, upgrade the plumbing and electrical systems, supply new data technology and security systems, provide new interior finishes throughout the building, create ADA accessibility compliance throughout, repartition select areas of the school, and construct building additions as necessary to fulfill program deficiencies. It is also the intent to concentrate on energy-efficient systems. The estimated total cost for this project is approximately $143 million. The expected occupancy for the renovated and expanded school is September 2031.

“For far too long, our Oakland Mills Middle and High schools have been overlooked. With these investments, important projects can move forward as planned,” said Jonathan Edelson, Chair of the Oakland Mills Village Board. “We are appreciative of County Executive Ball for prioritizing these projects in our cOMmunity.” 


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