ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and Howard County Police Chief Gregory Der today released a joint statement on the death of Tyre Nichols: 

“We are disturbed, disheartened, and outraged by the inexcusable and brutal death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. Incidents like these continue to foster feelings of loss, frustration, and anger. The conduct of the officers which resulted in the death of this 29-year-old man is simply reprehensible.      

Our hearts are with the family and friends of Tyre, the entire Memphis community, and every person who was affected by the disturbing video released Friday evening. As a majority-minority county, we understand the devastating impact of this event on our residents and our community.   

Howard County is home to the Safest City in America due to our efforts, in part, to ensure community policing is at its finest. In Howard County, we have strong policies and practices that are dedicated to ensuring comprehensive officer training which follows best practices to help avoid events like these. In addition, we work hard to encourage positive community relations. In response to this heinous incident, we will continue to engage in conversations with all of our police officers, of all races and backgrounds, to promote positive dialogue within our department and our community.  

 As a county that prides itself on inclusion and civility, it remains our collective responsibility to collaborate, encourage and create an open dialogue to improve our commitment to diversity and inclusion while we institute changes that enhance our quality of life for all. As a nation, we must narrow the chasm of trust that too often exists between those sworn to protect and serve us and our communities.  

Together, we will continue moving toward the best Howard County for all. We want every resident to be assured by our steadfast pledge to create a community where every person is safe and feels safe. Let us focus our outrage and anger from this event in Memphis on efforts that will make our community stronger, more united, and empowered.”  

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